Hair Tag :3

Currently Listening To: “Emporer’s New Clothes” -Panic at the Disco



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~Samm Sanity


8 thoughts on “Hair Tag :3

  1. bryonyoldham says:

    My image and my music taste do not match up at all, but I have been a HUGE fan of Panic since I was 14, so ever since they emerged basically.
    Love love love Emperor’s New Clothes so much.
    This is enough for me to follow you anyway 🙂
    Have a good day x

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  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    I VOTE FOR A DYE-ING PARTY!! Also dancing around and singing while doing that – only reason why i have an empty (fabric wise) bathroom! This once more was fun to watch and seems like a really entertaining tag! thank you, pretty lady for tagging me – and for the reminder to go on amazon and look for a tripod & lightning tonight 😀

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    • Samm Sanity says:

      Yes! There will be much mess! xD Haha. Yeah, I try to avoid putting in my k-pop mixed cd~ because I will inevitably end up doing the dancing that goes with every song.
      You’re very welcome! Haha, I just use a huge stack of game boxes and a window. I’m too lazy to try to be very professional x.x


  3. […] there isn’t really a point to this besides I miss you guys, particularly Zazzle and Samm. Ann you woulddd count but I still talk to you on ig […]


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