Well hello blog, Nice to see you once again

Currently Listening To: “Zombie Song” (Nightcore’d Vers.) ~ Stephanie Mabey

It’s been a long while, haha. I’m a lazy little shit.

So, this month (December) my mom and I made hard candy for the first time. I find it very easy, but super boring. You have to wait until it reaches certain temperatures for eveything and it just takes so goddamn long. But it came out great. It’s also very potent smelling. I had to pull out my cyber mask when we did the anise flavoring. It was too strong and it was hard to breathe. Also, cut the shit out of my hands when breaking the candy. It not only looks like glass, it also cuts like it as well.
We also made cookies and decorated them. All of this cooking was for making Christmas platters for a few people. It was fun. :3 I loved decorating the cookies ^.^

It’s been a super warm winter. I’m still shaving my legs so that I can wear ~not pants~ and socks/tights. It reached almost sixty-five one day! It’s just been really rainy, but rain is better than snow. I’m really excited about it, I love warm temperatures and not having to wear pants. I just hate the mud.
I went walking through the woods one day after it had rained so much and our creek was filled and rushing. I also saw so many frogs still playing in the creek! I love it when the creek is totally full and running. It’s really soothing to just stand there and watch it ~ and sometimes follow it as far as I can. Hehe, I love my woods.


I got a sewing machine for my birthday, so I’ve been sewing a lot. I finished many projects in one night and am still working on others. Such as this Steampunk jacket. I bought the jacket from a thrift store and have just now started revamping it. I love how it is coming along so far. It will be for sale (although if it were a size bigger, I would have such a hard time parting with it xD)

IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0007


Also, I got my first set of Prisma colored pencils! I feel so professional! I’m super excited to use them. I drew a little sketchy thing to try a couple of colors out (what better use of multiple colors than a scene kid). They are beautiful and smooth and vibrant. I love them.

IMG_0024 IMG_0027

Haha, my sketchy thing looks terrible but great at the same time. xD

Along the lines of Christmas things. I recieved the most beautiful cameo from my aunt and a beautiful Victorian top hat from a friend. :3

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

IMG_0023 IMG_0031

I suck at taking pictures, half of these things are on their sides… why??? /).(\ Anyway, I recieved these coloring books from my sister and the same friend as the top hat. My little artist heart is going to explode with all the arts things! I also recieved an Asian themed one from my mom ~ it has dragons in it!! *u* Gaaaah.

IMG_0034 IMG_0028

I’ve been obsessed lately with black rose headands of any kind. I don’t even have the fondest idea why. I love this and wear it so often (even now). I look like a pretty little Gothic Faerie child :3 My dream! 

I love the smell of new boots *u* Gaah, I was in desperate need of new combat boots. My first, cigarette smelling, trusty, favorite combat boots that I bought from the thrift store so many years ago are falling apart. I’m still going to wear them to the grave, but a new pair is very appreciated! I haven’t worn them much because it’s been muddy. I did wear them once and I love them so much *0*

Last little thing was a gift card from someone that dosen’t personally know me. My little sister and I both were given gift cards to Hot Topic (still trying to figure that one out xD). My little sister is so girly and sophisticated and pretty, and the only thing remotely Hot Topic about here is some of her music taste (We Are Kings[?I cannot remember the band name, is this right?], Sleeping With Sirens, Panic at the Disco) Even then, she is selective about that. So we’ve just decided once I start working again I’ll give her the amount on the card in cash and she’ll just give me the gift card. 

Anyway, I didn’t find too much I particularly liked on the site. I searched up BOTDF and found nothing. I ended up finding a cute fishnet top and a Death Note top. Hehe, I love them both and they both fit great! Unfortunately, ahve to wait until Summer to be able to wear the fishnet top the way I want to. But I’ve been dancing in my bedroom in it, so it’s all good. ^.~


Happy New Year’s! I feel like 2015 went by so fast ~ anyone else? Meh. One New Year’s Eve, we all went to this shooting thing. My dad had been invited to come shoot disc/plate/things with one of the guys he works with. So we all went. I got to shoot my first gun (don’t want to try that ever again)! It was a 410 shotgun I believe? My sister got to shoot that as well, but she also got to use a handgun ( I was too chicken and stunned from the kick of the last gun to try that one) and she hit the box that was set up! Woo! We both kept our bullet casings from the shotgun. It was pretty cool. Plus, I got a rare Shopkin in my Happy Meal afterwards. Not a bad day at all xD

As for resolutions ~ I don’t really do those xD But I do want to try to use my make-up more. I have some from 2-3 years ago that I am still using. I want to make an effort to empty things! I did my first make-up look of the year on Jan. 1st. It was Drac Maken’s moth make-up. It came out really cute :3

IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0041

I didn’t have white liquid eyeliner, but the effect of the pencil liner is still kind of cool. c:


Also, something else I’d like to do is work towards shaving off my goddamn eyebrows. I am tired of the upkeep and standing at the mirror for an hour plucking them and how they don’t even grow in evenly. Plus, I want to do cool make-up looks and eyebrows. The moth make-up didn’t even fit properly, so I had to rearrange and reproportion it. It sucks. I love the look of strange eyebrows. Plus, I wouldn’t have to dye them to match my hair, I can just use (my mass amounts of) colorful eye make-up to draw them. It gives me more artistic freedom and that makes me happy as a little artist. I would love to do many of the make-up looks I love and do many cool eyebrow designs. 
Although, I know once my mom and sister get wind of this they will relentlessly poke fun at me and tell me not to do it. Hell, they make fun of my eyebrows as is. And it’s not like they won’t grow back…. fucking shit, they grow faster than my lazy ass can manage pluck. But I do hope to at least work towards it and try it for a bit. I mean, it’s not hurting anything to try. c: 


Uhhhmmm, what else? Oh!

I drew a fucking boy. And he looks vaguely proportional! >:D Fuck yeah!


He, and two others, is a character thatI am thinking of writing a short story about. I just got this idea. I have too many unfinished stories to make this one a full story. I was thinking just a short story maybe. I don’t know. He doesn’t even have a name~ just a twin (I can’t draw preppy boys, it has been confirmed ><) I also know he’s arrogant. That’s about it. Meh, I don’t even know if this idea is going anywhere so it’s not a big necessity to know everything about him just yet.


Anything else? I know I’ll remember something after I post this. Ehh, nothing is coming to mind, so I guess this is the end. I want to try to post more. I have many things to do (tags, stories, stuff) but I just need to get the motivation! I shall work on that. 

Anyway, how were you guys’ holidays? Anything fun and exciting happen? I hope you all were happy and safe c:

See you guys later (soon I hope). Bye!


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Well hello blog, Nice to see you once again

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    On shaving eyebrows: True, they will grow back. I still prefer to pluck ALL of them (is less time consuming than plucking a few to get some shape and stays clean longer than shaving AND wont leave you with dark spots) and after I grew my eyebrows back this month they were annoying enough to pluck them again *lol*
    BTW, love the butterfly eye makeup! ❤ Guns scare me though, I don't think I ever want to try them :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Yes that’s true! For now I’m content with just shaving them, because I rarely leave the house in the winter, so it’s not a bother to have them grow back within two days. I will eventually pluck them, but I have a low pain tolerance and I’m just a big ol’ wuss about pain in general, haha. But the freedom of doing make up is such a great feeling ~ I don’t have to go through and pluck out any random gorwn out bits before doing big elaborate make-up.
      Thank you! I love it, but it took so long :O It may be a while before I do that one again.


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