And The Poster Saga Continues

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Heh, starting the year bitching ~ but hey that is what I am good at. ><


To continue the saga of not receiving what I’ve paid for….  
Anyway, I sent another email to Bloond on the Dance Floor on November 24th, repeating what was said in every single other one I’ve sent. I mentioned when the last email was sent and that I still hadn’t received the poster. I also included my name and tracking number, since they asked for that last time, to save time. I received a reply December 19th that it would be sent out ~ yet again. 


So, it’s currently January 6th. Not a month yet, so no ultra bitching just yet. I’m still waiting patiently. For the most part I’ve given up any hope of ever getting that stupid poster or anything. And that sucks.


So as you all already probably know, I made an order in February of last year. I got two of the items I paid for, but not the poster. I sent several emails after that and still have yet to receive the damn thing. 
So I visted the site and they obviously still have stock of the poster ~ the price has been jacked up and it’s not being offered as autographed anymore, but it’s still there. So I don’t know what the problem here is. It’s really pissing me off. I’m not getting what I paid for, and after several emails, nothing has been done to my knowledge. This is no way to do business. Especially considering how much they’ve really been jacking up the prices of things. I went on there tonight, after not visting the site for months, to find many of the things I have purchased have been hiked up in price since then. If you’re going to charge that much, plus the excruciating cost of shipping, I better be getting the shit I’ve spent money on. Fuck!



I’d love to support my favorite bands. Hell if I had unlimited funds, I would support them all. But I’m not going to order anything from them again. To be honest, a stranger on ebay is more trustworhty of giving my money to than the actual band. If I ever need anything, I’ll be going to that stranger. Though I doubt I will need anything. 

For anyone curious, he is AustinAfterDark on ebay. He has tons of old BOTDF stuff and new things. They’re all very reasonably priced (last time I checked… which may have been a couple months ago) and he actually gets your shit to you. So yeah. 

Also, when I was checking the band’s site, I saw that they are somehow in contact with this Austin guy. I saw they had some listings for old BOTDF stuff and when I clicked on the items the description said to contact Austin. So I don’t know what’s actually happening, but whatever. Go to ebay first I suppose.


But anyway, that’s what is currently happening. I will (obviously) let you guys know what goes down next. I may just fucking give up on it. It’s so much hassle and anxiety for me. Sending the emails themselves takes so much working up to. I have anxieties with sending people emails (especially if I don’t personally know them).  It’s just too stressful and anxiety-ridden for me to try to continue. So, honestly, this may be my last try at it. Wish me all the luck in the world, guys. 




2 thoughts on “And The Poster Saga Continues

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    And sending emails is annoying as well, you try to include everything that is required and sometimes receive a reply that looks like the person didnt even read the tiniest bit of your mail *GAH!!*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Haha yes! Every time the same response I get is “Sorry. We’ll ship that out ASAP” I just went though a rainbow of anxious emotions to get this sent out, you could at least tell me what is going on on your end. >.<


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