Jewelry and Things

Currently Listening To: “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” (Nightcore Vers.) ~ I’m not aware of the artist.


It’s been one of those nightcore everything moods. It makes everything more fun to dance to xD Most of the Nightcore’d songs I listen to I don’t even know the artist, so yeah. 

I’ve been busy with making all sorts of things to sell/for myself. I decided to work on my clay things the other day. I have a ton of Halloween candy molds and cookie cutters to help with molding basic shapes, and so I can make an initial shape and then form it more if I need to. In the cooie cutter set, I have this moon one and I don’t really have any use for a moon and I just don’t know what to do with a moon. But then I remembered there was one moon/sun pair I really liked. xD Loved the aesthetic of them.


I made a rough sketch onto the clay, just to get a draft for when I painted it. He came out pretty great and I want to make more (and find a sun mold/cookie cutter). Hehe. I used a really fine-tipped outlining marker to add in his craters later (after taking the picture). Next time I’m making him into a pendant so I can wear him around my neck.


This is all I got done in that night. I still need to add details to the eyeball/foot bone pendant.


I’ve also edited everything I’ve written so far. I’m working on re-uploading it to MissLiterati, and I have put everything together in one word document. I’m super excited. I’m only about halfway through it, but I do have pretty much everything figured out and the ending and things. So yes, I have been busy with that as well!
Read It Here. If you’d like. c: This is a public copy (for anyone with a link).  ^u^ I don’t know whether I’ll keep posting individual chapters here, but it’s very likely that I will. 
My mom saw me editing the other night and kept asking me if she could read it and I kept telling her maybe. But she kept persisting, so I emailed her the link. She still hasn’t read it xD Fucking shit, why’d you bug the ever-living shit outta me for it? xD


Wheee, my eyebrow adventure is going well. I am having so much fun being a faerie with my dotted brows. I also look like Starfire when I don’t do my brows. It’s really cool. ^u^

IMG_0114 IMG_0155

Still fighting the need to shave my hair again. I have something about shaving everything on my head, don’t I? So, this past week I’ve been wearing my hair parted on the other side. I used to change the side my hair was parted on so often before it was shaved because I get bored of it really easily. I really like it, and I’ve been just randomly putting little braids in it. Like, I’ll find a chunk of hair and be like “This is braiding hair” and then I end up with like five tiny braids all over my hair. But it helps hide the grease and make it look less disgusting. And I have less hair to play with to grease up faster.


I finished my binge of Tkyo Ghoul a while ago and I am in the process of writing up a post about it, because I have quite a bit to say about it. I’m currenlty rewatching Negima before moving onto Corpse Party. I need some silliness inbetween all this seriousness.
I also have a Winter Boredom 2.0 in the process of being made. Last post I have is one I did in the middle of editing because I kept getting distracted by scenes in my story that I really like. So I’m not sure whether or not that one will actually make it to the blog world xD  At least not yet.


Anyway, that’s pretty much it. What are you guys up to? Anything fun? Hope your week has been great! Bye guys ^u^


~Samm Sanity




9 thoughts on “Jewelry and Things

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    I fail at using cookie cutters for my creations, always have to work with my fingers but recently bought some sculpting tools (wondering if they ever will be used LOL)
    love the moon, I think I’ve played a video game where there also was a crazy staring moon…?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      The moon is from the anime Soul Eater. I love the sun and moon design in it ^u^
      I need to get my hands on some cheap sculpting tools, all I’ve got right now are toothpicks and some kind of scrapping tool o.O Haha. It would totally help with free handed sculpting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. nannyguy says:

    I love the moon you made. it reminds me of the Joker and Nightmare b4 Christmas at the same time. You have a good eye for design. Like your eye makeup is really cute and also impressive. if you want to shave your brows, just do it! They grow back and you will be having fun with the make-up in the meantime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      I will eventually get to shaving them all off, I hope soon. My brows grow back ridiculously fast (wish my hair would grow this fast xD) The moon is from Soul Eater, I absolutely love it and it has found it’s home on a choker. I’ve made a few more ^u^


      • nannyguy says:

        Have you tried craigslist for sculpting tools? I have found ads with people selling all kinds of used art supplies, sure you could find something. But you do good work with that toothpick 🙂


  3. Izcentric says:

    Oh my have you opened a door of nostalgia with that song for me. The original artist, is one of my favourite punk bands, The Offspring. These guys were my middle school years and more. Here’s the original, good stuff.
    Very pretty photo and charms. Sculpting is not easy, but practice and voila, perfection. :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Thak you for the artist! I usually never get to looking for the actual artist. I have been enjoying this band since you told me about them.
      Haha, I’m aware. I’ve been working with it a lot and looking things up online about sculpting.

      Liked by 1 person

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