Tokyo Ghoul Reveiw?

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(Started writing this a month ago, sorry it’s way late ><) ~ I watched the damn anime in December, this is waaay fucking late now >< I’m sorry.

I don’t normally do review type things often, but I have quite a lot of opinions and thoughts on this anime. I just wanted to sit here and talk about it and get some other opinions. c:

First off, my overall opinion of the anime is that it’s okay. This is the first anime I’ve watched that I actually didn’t enjoy it very much (at least the second part). Tokyo Ghoul Root A was confusing and not very enjoying to watch. The only thing that made me continue was Juuzou. (I really love Maxxy’s characters)

Speaking of characters, the only characters that I could stomache through the entire thing were Uta and Juuzou.  I mean, come on, they’re both adorable as fuck. Boo!


As for Kaneki, I liked that when he became a ghoul, he was a sniveling, crying, mess. That is a very realistic reaction to the whole situation. Other shows and things show it as (let’s use vampires as an example) someone is turned into some creature and suddenly know all their shit and have all their shit together and collected. I like that Kaneki wasn’t able to adjust so easily and had all these inner conflicts. It was more realistic. This is what it would actually be like if someone was suddenly transformed into some kind of supernatural creature.

I enjoyed the whole first part, but the second part not so much. Although I prefer Kaneki’s character design with white hair, he’s a little shit. But I think Rize played a part in that too, so I don’t know. I still don’t like the little shit in the second part.

As for the ghouls themselves. To survive, they need to consume humans. They are not able to eat or drink human food (aside from coffee) and it makes them sick if they consume it and keep it down. As I understand, one human corpse can suffice a ghoul for a month. And the ghouls made a very valid point about their human consumtion, which I have to agree with. We, humans, consume animals which are meat to survive. They need human flesh to survive, which is also meat. We’re all just trying to survive.

But then there are the ones who also eat other ghouls. I admit I enjoyed Michael Tatum’s flamboyant character in this. I found myself telling the computer screen and Tsukiyama to have a little composure, often. Haha. So Tsukiyama is a gourmet, which essentially is a fancy-ass name for a cannibal. His obsession with Kaneki through the series is hilarious, and also results in him (for all the wrong reasons *facepalm* c:) trying to save Kaneki.


So Tokyo Ghoul Root A wasn’t that great. The opening theme was so damn long and boring. I liked everything that had to do with Juuzou’s storyline, because it was iteresting and he is an iteresting character. There isn’t much more to say about Root A. I didn’t like it, it was confusing, and new characters and storylines kept being thrown in. I didn’t even understand most of what was going on and how everything was related/they didn’t explain much background. I felt like I was missing a huge chunck of this part. I’m told the manga is better, so I’ll have to see if my library has it ><


Anyway, I enjoyed the first part, Root A sucked ass (aside from Juuzou). So yes I reccommend the first part. Watch the second if you want.

And this post is finally done!  Gaah, double post today for you guys. Enjoy! Let me know what you thought of the anime if you’ve watched it. And have a good day c: Bye!


~Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul Reveiw?

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Havent watched it yet and goodness i cant even remember when was the last time i saw an anime and what it was O_O°

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