Poster Saga End!

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I fucking got the poster! >:D 

So I got an email last week with a tracking number in it and I just got the poster today and I am so relieved and happy now. :3  (I am aware my name is on it, I don’t try that hard to keep it secret, I just prefer my nickname c:)


Anyway, now that that is all taken care of I can totally forget about it now and stop bitching c: 

So what have I been up to? Painting, writing, sewing. I’ve been really enjoying using my watercolor colored pencils lately and people on Tumblr really seem to enjoy my Voltaire inspired watercolored drawing. I’ve never gotten that much attention, except for when I posted the bat cabinet my dad made me. Pretty cool that people like it c:


Also, my latest watercolor (I bought myself a small pad of watercolor paper :3) I’m going to show you guys the finished product first. I reeeaallly like this one!


I absolutely adore her flower crown, it’s the best part! She came out much better than I expected and it’s awesome! Woop! What do you guys think? c:

Have any of you guys been very crafty lately? 


I have also written a lot as well. I just finished the cutest fucking scene between Danni and Tobias and ohmygods /)^.^(\  Gaaah. I love it. I also am excited about the next part I need to write. More deception! Getting kind of exciting for me personally. Not sure what other people think yet. I’m going to start posting chapters from the beginning now. I’ll be taking down any chapters posted before on here and just starting from the beginning, because I just randomly started posting one day in the middle of what I had done xD So look for those and please feel free to give critiques/opinions. It will be greatly appreciated. c:

I may need to do a watercolor of Danni. Mmm, could be cool. c:

I have also pretty much figured out the whole story and the ending! I have all the pieces, I just need to get them together. I am extra excited for that as well! Can’t wait until the whole thing is put together and done. Then I shall edit it again xD (With help from any critiques y’all may have :3) 

Then… I don’t really know. I mean I have several half finished stories on my flashdrive. I’m really attached to this story and it’s going to suck when I finish it completely. But, I have one other one that I love just as much, so maybe I won’t be as crestfallen. And that one is defintiely one that comes before this one. That story is referenced in Scarred a few times. It’s cool how the two are kind of different stages in the same history. Accidentally of course, haha.

But, you guys may understand once I finish Scarred and begin finishing that other one c: So for now, let’s disregard that. 

Umm, that is all for now I think. What have you all been up to? Are you interested in the posting of story chapters? And if so, how often? (Becasue let’s be honest, I suck with timing) 

I need to vist some blogs now. Haha. Bye now!


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Poster Saga End!

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Orange deathhawk (and here I am wondering if I should get a second nosepiercing because ring & chain O_O <3) btw, i now got a song stuck in my head again!

    I always am interested in seeing how people organize those areas that tend to get chaotic so hoping there will be more tours of your place as well as you showing us more pictures and all that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      That’s so funny, because the faery was more based off of your style with the braid, and the coins at the bottom of her shirt being inspired by a belt in one of your OOTD’s. xD
      Go for it! I love the look of nose chains, but my ears always reject earrings, so I doubt a nose ring would stay in :c


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