New Recent Designs/Creations!

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Hey guys! I thought I’d share some of my recent creations! I found out the day that I’m going to (hopefully) be setting up is May 6th. I am super excited and am really getting down to business now. Got so much done already, but still have things to do!

So for the band/movie tees, I have almost finished them all (except the Avenged Sevenfold)

IMG_1041 IMG_1036 IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1045 IMG_1048 IMG_1004 IMG_1005

The Mortal Instruments one came out a little rough, but I’m still content with it. There is a zipper in back, and I will maybe be adding straps.

The BMTH shirt I cut out all the original hems and re-hemmed the important part to keep it together. I kept the neckline, armholes, and bottom raw to add to the messy distressed feel. I also used bleach to paint the lyrics and everything on. Because I know nothing of this band, I asked a lovely  girl on Pinterest and she helped so much in this one. I may add more bleach splatters and one or two more lyrics.

The Breath Carolina shirt, I separated the back and front pieces. I cut off sleeves and made the front piece look like a halter top. I then cut the bottom off the back piece and reattached it. I then started cutting strips from the back piece and stretching them, then reattaching them in a cage/skeleton type look. I also splattered some bleach on this and added distressed holes. Studs are added everywhere the straps connect to the shirt or together. Still need something for the middle connection. I am debathing on whether to add one more strap to the top.


For myself, I made this jacket and leg warmer set from the furry blanket I found in the thrift store.


Because I have such lanky-ass arms and legs, I didn’t have enough for a second sleeve xD But this looks awesome regardless. 


I also have been testing a circle skirt method out on thrifted fabrics before using it on my precious book fabric. So all of these tests are being sold because they either don’t sit on my waist, or they are too short.

IMG_1006 IMG_1008

I am so glad I have enough faery fabric left to make me my own skirt like this. This is totally bombing. I for some reason like this faery print :3 I usually don’t go for cute princess-like faeries, but this is really cool.

There is one more skirt that is black with dark purple flowers on it that is both too big for my waist and too long for my personal preferance. xD

I’m almost done with an interesting pink plaid skirt as well. One more fabric I’m working with is black with dark green spiderweb-y paisly print. Love that one as well.

I have also made a ton of bows and chokers. I have been really busy between finishing up everything and taking pictures of everything. But I’m excited!


I’m super excited for May 6th and cannot wait. Hope I do well c: What have you all been up to? ANy big projects?



~Samm Sanity


4 thoughts on “New Recent Designs/Creations!

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Whenever i come to your blog i get into the diy mood – today as well but my sewing machine is still acting up (have been working the entire day to hand-sew my living room curtains *LOL* 1/4 done!!) Still surprised by what you did with that fuzzy blanket! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      That is awesome! I love that feeling and I’m glad I instill it in you xD
      Oh goodness, hand sewing is so long, but relaxing. I wish you lots of luck with the curtains! 😀


  2. Seresha says:

    I love the true friends black shirt you diy-ed c:

    Liked by 1 person

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