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Of course I get sick the week of the Mother’sday event! And it’s my absolute most hated kind of sick ~ sore throat (perhaps strep). This and vomiting are my least favorite kinds of sick. Fortunately, there is not vomiting, and hopefully there will not be any. I really hope this goes away before Friday. If I lose my voice/am sick, I will not be able to talk to anyone coming up to my little booth thing. 

And even if I wanted to go to the doctor’s office, I cannot as I do not have insurance. But I probably would not go anyway. I hate strep tests, my gag reflex is super sensitive ~ really strong mouthwash sets it off (forever using kids mouthwash). The whole thing is just unpleasant. Plus, now I need to be extra sanitary when working with the last few things I need to finish. I am keeping hand sanitizer on my desk to use frequently while sewing/painting/etc…


Have any of you guys seen that rainbow highlighter? I actually find it intriguing and want it so that I can look like a fae creature. I’ve never been this encaptivated by a popular kind of make-up product. It’s really cool. I’ve seen a few DIY videos to make it myself. I have plenty of rainbow palattes I could use for it, I just need highlighter. I don’t know.  I may DIY it or wait until it comes back in stock and maybe get it. It’s really weird that I am so in love with it. I feel like some of you guys would love it too. Gaaah, it’s perfect for fae looks! ;o;


Oh hey! I got my first pair of Demonia boots the other day. I found them in my thrift store for two dollars! At first I wasn’t sure if they were a 6 or 9, and I wasn’t aware it was a Demonia (although they looked familiar for some reason) and I decided if they were a 6 I’d alter them and sell them, and if a 9 I’d keep them. So I was looking inside the shoe for a size with one of those helpful underscore line things under the number and saw that they were Demonia boots. :3 So flipping happy. (they did indeed turn out to be a 9, I wore them practically out of the store xD) 

I do take an extra pair of boots with me when I wear them because they are heels and I need to get them broken in as they were in pretty near new condition when I found them. Now I know what size I should get when I save up and order the big ol’ chuncky boots I want c: Eeee. So much excitement.


I made a quick, very excited, video on the whole thing. Hehe. 


Speaking of my favorite thrift store. I may need to find a new favorite. Whoever is in the back pricing things has had way too much to drink. Goodness. They’re prices are rivaling Goodwill’s. All the prices are rising so much. It’s almost unreasonable. Like, these clothes and things are all used ~ I can go to Walmart and get a brand new plain black tank top for two bucks. At Goodwill and my favorite thrift store, I’m paying 3-4 dollars for a tank top, plain or not. Fucking christ, these clothes are used, they should not be the price of brand new clothes. Goodwill has always pissed me off in this way. They’re prices for used clothing (and etc..) are almost (or exactly) the same price as brand new. Now I understand with the shipments of brand new clothes they get in, but not the used donations. That’s utter bullshit.

Now my favorite thrift store is raising prices. My little sister found a plain white skirt the other day for 5 dollars in there. Goodness. I feel like this is petty to complain about, but for people that actually depend on thrift stores to get by this is a problem. I fortuantely was lucky enough that (before I had a job) once a year, usually the beginning of the school year, my mom would try to get my sister and I new clothes for school. It was usually by way of vouchers, but I was still quite fortunate to be able to have brand new clothes. (although I have no problem with secondhand, but at that time I never knew there were places like these, if I had, little baby bat me would not have just wore boys’ shirts and jeans). 

Back to my point. Some people cannot afford to buy brand new and depend on secondhand stores to even be clothed. So why should the prices of used things be the same as brand new? It’s utterly ridiculous. 


Gaah, never intended to go into a full on rant. I just started rambling and it happened >< Sorry. (Although any thoughts you have on the subject are appreciated)


I need to get back to sewing. I really should be resting, but I can’t stay still long enough. I need to be doing things and this damn sickness will not defeat me! D:< 

Anyway, how are all of you? Anything new going on? Thoughts on unreasonably high prices for donated clothing? Let me know c: I shall talk to you guys later (if I haven’t died from this sore throat)



~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Gaah…

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Exactly see your point. That is with the second hand stores i know around, tiny selection and definitely overpriced – and i am sure they do not even pay the people who sell their clothing to them a quarter of that money :-/ BUT congrats on the demonias!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Yes! At my favorite thift store, all the employees are volunteers, they don’t get paid at all. All the money goes to “missionaries”. ><
      Eeee! I love them and I know there has to be some Goth child around here somewhere donating tons of clothes. I love whoever is donating all the wonderfully gothy clothing :3


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