Scarred Ch. 2

I meant to space these out between other posts, but then I realized I don’t have other posts xD Shit. So I hope you enjoy this double dose of re-uploaded chapters. Again, any critiques/comments are appreciated c:


scarred cover 2

Chapter Two…

My eyes go wide and I frown. That simple statement had made me stop and reevaluate the situation. I yank my hand away and take a tentative step back. Then another. My mind is telling me to run. Run fast and hard. Get away. Now, you idiot.

I take steps back until I feel the rough, jagged, wall of bricks and wince at the now sharp pain in my back. The wounds throb. Why they wouldn’t heal was beyond me, but it was a terrible pain when they acted as fresh wounds.

“Please don’t run,” he seems to reevaluate the situation, but then appears as though he’s sure again. He reaches a hand out.

I utter a cry and began thrashing about, kicking and swinging my arms at him, trying to land a blow to him. But to my dismay he doesn’t appear injured – instead he chuckles. I frown.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he holds his hands up in surrender.

“What are you speaking of?” I reply, feigning ignorance.

“You and I both know very well what I am talking about.” he says back.

I stare at him, long and hard. What did he know of me and of my world?

Oh, yes, demon hunter.

We both stand still, not moving or saying anything. I wonder what he will do next. Is he unstable? No. He looks too neat and put together, in an odd way.

“How do you even know?” I whisper, afraid it was obvious and others would notice.

His lips curve slightly in a triumphant grin and he chuckles, “I didn’t. Well not at first. I just had a feeling.”

He had deceived me. And I had fell for it. I did not know who I was more angry with, although he was the prime choice. I can only stare at him, angry, apprehensive, and frightened that I had let a human deceive me like that. I would have backed away further if I hadn’t been painfully pressed against a brick wall. There was only one exit out of this alley and he was in the way.

“There is no way. You are lying,” I mutter, looking at the ground. His eyes were unnerving and untrustworthy.

He must have taken this as me trusting him since he made a subtle move toward me. I look up at him quickly trying to look threatening and make him back away. As I suspected, it had no effect; I was far too tiny and weak to ever be confused for someone frightening.

“Really. I know some people who may be able to give you your wings back. Trust me, I’ve been in this business for a long while, I know things.” He explains this in a soft tone, seeming to sense my discomfort.

I weigh the options in my head. If he was telling the truth then I may just get back something important to me. I could soar through the skies once more and get away from this absolutely destructive and disgusting place. I would be myself again. I would be happy. Free.

Though, if he was lying, I would most certainly end up dead. With him knowing I was not of this world I would also definitely be dissected and studied by these greedy humans. Experiments then death. Both decisions were equal. I did not know what to do.

“How can I trust you?” I ask. I knew humans were not to be trusted, but what if he could be?

He just sighs and shakes his head, “You really can’t be sure. I know that. But I honestly know someone who might be able to help. I really only have the best intentions.”

I study him again. I did not feel like he was dangerous and he certainly did sound genuine. Perhaps he really was just trying to help me out. Maybe I could trust him.

“So you would really take me to this person? And they can give me back my wings?” I ask, slightly hopeful, watching his movements and reactions.

He nods. There was no wavering in any of his actions or his words. I stare at his face. His eyes didn’t appear to lie or show any malicious intent. He was confident and kind and it showed through.

“Okay,” I answer softly.

He lights up.

“But keep your distance and do not touch me.” I say a little louder and more confident than I felt.

He backs away, “I understand. Ready to go?”

I only nod and move away from the brick wall relieved of the pain. I hesitate then follow after him. I watch the ground and the back of his boots, thinking of how wonderful it will be once I have my wings back.



~Samm Sanity


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