Scarred Ch. 4

(I had to go look and see how many chapters I had already posted. It’s been too long >.< I’ve been super inspired thanks to a band recommendation from a friend.)



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Chapter Four…

Eredan began to leave the room, but stopped when the girl didn’t move. He wondered if he had scared her. After a moment, Danni pulled her hoodie off. She wore a black tank top underneath. He could see the scars perfectly through her dark brown hair; two jagged slits where her wings used to be. It was easy to see they had been ripped out by the way the scars were. He wondered what had happened. When she turned around she glanced his way. Eredan turned and walked out into the hallway, walking to the kitchen.

He had thoughts running through his head, too many to separate and organize. But the same thought always came back to him.

What had Danni done to deserve that?

That was punishment for severe crimes. Angels rarely ever had their wings ripped out, the worst he had ever saw was angels having their wings clipped.

The thoughts in his head refused to settle, even as he tried to distract himself with cooking. He decided to give the poor girl a meal, she was deathly underweight. She’d need one to keep her strength up when they made the travel to the people he knew.

Eredan filled a pot with water and set it on the stove. He turned on the stove and grabbed a cutting board and knife. He had to wait for the water to boil, so he began on something else. Grabbing some carrots and various other vegetables from his fridge and brought them to the island counter in the middle of his kitchen. He began cutting up the vegetables, hoping to make one of his favorite meals. Moments later, a knock came from the door and then the door opened.

“Eredan!” a familiar voice calls.

“God, it smells great in here!” another familiar voice.

Eredan chuckled to himself as he finished cutting the carrots. He brought the cutting board over the, now boiling, water and scraped them in with the knife. He came back to the island just as three familiar heads came walking in.

“Mmm. You’re making dinner?” Markus questions him in a teasing tone.

Eredan rolled his eyes at his younger brother. Markus wasn’t much younger than him, he was nineteen and Eredan was twenty-one. He had his dark hair back in a short ponytail, revealing the scar across his forehead and his teal eyes. He wore his favorite motorcycle jacket and his leather pants had a new rip in them at the knee.

“What happened to you?” Eredan questioned his brother, glancing at the torn pants.

“Stubborn little demon spawn just wouldn’t die.” he groans, sitting down at the island, setting a dagger covered in blue blood on the counter.

“Hey! I am trying to cook here, please keep all demon fluids off my counter.” Eredan tells Markus, waving his knife at him.

Dante chuckled darkly and leaned against the counter crossing his arms. He was the oldest at twenty-four and the most serious. He looked like he had been through hell and back; that was a likely possibility. His sandy hair was disheveled and covered his dark green eyes almost completely. Blue blood stained his face, and clothing. Though his boots seemed untouched. His katana was still hung at his waist, Dante cleaned his blades before entering the home, but blue stained his blades still.

“Markus, go clean that thing before it stains.” Dante told him in his smooth tone.

Markus only rolled his eyes at his brother and did as he was told. He got off the stool and headed upstairs to wash up. Dante glanced at Eredan, then to the stove, as if assessing the situation.

“Since when do you cook?” Dante scoffed.

Eredan ignored the remark and glanced at his youngest brother. Tobias was hauling his backpack up the stairs. He had almost vanished up the stairs when Eredan called him down.

The frustrated seventeen year old groaned and set the bag on the step and leaned over the side of the staircase. “What?” he asked.

His hair fell over his blue-gray eyes, making him blow a puff of air to move them. He had a bored and annoyed look on his face.

“Tob, you alright, dude?” Eredan asked.

“Sure. I’m fine. See, rainbow.” he stated sarcastically, waving his hands in an arch making an imaginary rainbow.

Tobias.” Dante demands.

“What do you think? I got my ass kicked again-” Tobias started.

“Watch your language.” Dante threatens.

“Whatever. When can I go kick demon butt with you guys? I hate school.” Tobias demands.

“School comes first, Tob. You know that. I can’t have an illiterate being running around.” Eredan chuckles. Tobias doesn’t even hint at a smile.

He sighs, frustrated, and grabs his backpack heading up the rest of the stairs. A door slamming signals that he’s out of earshot.

Dante moves to the fridge, rummaging around for something, “That kid needs to be straightened out.” Dante says, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge.

Eredan scrapes the rest of the vegetables into the boiling water and shakes his head, returning to the island.

“C’mon Dante, give the kid a break. You know how teenagers are.” he defends Tobias.

“Yes, they are incompetent and can’t make proper decisions.” Dante states, unscrewing the lid off the bottle and taking a swig.

“That may be true, but you don’t need to be so hard on him.”

“Someone has to. You and Markus obviously can’t.” Dante walks away before Eredan can defend himself. He slumps down into one of the sofas, picking up the book that laid on the oak table in front of him. He began reading.

Eredan shook his head.

The sound of soft footsteps come from the hallway to his left. He watched as Danni cautiously walked out. He walked over to greet her. He chuckled at her appearance. His old jeans were too big for her and she still wore her top.

“Okay. I have a new idea. Change back into your clothes and I’ll have my brother find something for you to wear after dinner. You both look about the same.” Eredan thought aloud to Danni.

“Eredan, who are you talking to-?” Dante turned around on the sofa and noticed Danni.

“What did you do now?” Dante asked Eredan, getting off the sofa and walking over.

Danni tensed up, her run fast instinct was going off. Eredan sensed her next move and held her shoulders before she could run off. He knew he was breaking the promise he had made to her, but he didn’t need the girl running away. She didn’t fight though, she was too scared to move now.

“What did you do?” Dante demands to his brother.

“She was out on the streets. I couldn’t let her stay out there.” Eredan tells his brother.

“She can’t stay here. Take her back to wherever you found her and leave her there.”

“Dante, that is cruel.” his grip tightened on Danni’s shoulders.

“I don’t care. We don’t need a charity case around here. Especially with our business.”

“Hey, can’t you guys play rough somewhere else?” Markus chuckles, coming down the stairs.

“Markus, not now.” Dante growls.

“Hey, don’t-” Markus notices Danni. “Oh, hello.”

“Markus, would you mind taking Danni up to Tob? She needs clean clothes.” Eredan asks. Markus shrugs and gladly accepts the task.

“Markus won’t hurt you.” Eredan whispers into Danni’s ear before giving her a gentle push in his brother’s direction.

“Come on Miss. Danni.” Markus chuckles and takes Danni’s wrist, leading her up the stairs.

“No, Eredan!” Dante growls.

Eredan waits until both are out of earshot and a door closes, then glares at his brother.

“I don’t care what you say. She won’t be staying long anyway, so just shut up about the whole thing and be civil.” Eredan tells his brother.

Dante seems unfazed. He crosses his arms and says nothing more, returning to the sofa. He slumps down and opens the book back up. Eredan lets out a frustrated sigh and goes back to cooking. He cuts his finger and silently curses Dante.

~Samm Sanity


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