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Didn’t think you’d hear from me so soon? Well… neither did I…..

But I am excited to share some spooky goodies with you all!

My craft store is amazing. It’s the middle of July and they already have so much Autumn and Halloween stuff out. :3 I’m excited for when the black roses and leaves come out so I can make an Autumn floral crown. c: Been meaning to do this for years, I just get sidetracked with everything else.

IMG_1452 IMG_1451 IMG_1450

They also have Halloween faery garden supplies! I grabbed a couple things today. It’s not boys that make my heart flutter, it’s Halloween supplies.
IMG_1453 IMG_1454
I loved the little book, and the coffin I can store things in. Can’t wait to see what else will be coming out.

This also inspired finishing a drawing I did not plan to finish at all. I was originally just doing over the pose I drew in my Aurelio Voltaire song drawing. But then I came home from the craft store and ended up creating an Autumn piece c:

Two pictures done within two days, I feel pretty productive and creative. I still have some ideas for drawings as well, so there will undoubtedly be more to come. I should do a watercolor of Danni! 
I really love this new sketchbook, the pages are thick enough to not deteriorate fast, but also not too thick that I hate it. It was in the school supply section as well, so it was really inexpensive. I need to stock up on these things, haha.

There’s not much else reason for this post, other than to get everyone pumped for the Halloween season. Woop! I have decided to do something simple this year. I am going to be a mischevious fae. c: I already have the faery skirt for it and I’m basically one xD So, I just need to draw up some ideas. I’ll show you guys that once it has happened.
Also, going to do my costume challenge again this year, so think up some tough costume ideas! 


Well, I guess I’ll leave you all for now. I have rambled on enough about Halloween for now. Do any of you guys have your costumes in order yet? I’m curious as to what y’all are doing this year! Bye for now!


~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Definitely going to continue working on my Zombie Misty costume which probably will be a neverending project like my pokémon sleeve tattoo *lol*. I hope this year will be as amazing in German Halloween stores, last year was a lot better than what I am used to!
    And I’m really looking forwards to what you will create this fall! ❤ with new art supplies to begin with!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Haha, well I wish you lots of luck with your costume, I’m really excited to see howi t will come out! I also hope you get lots of Halloween goodies over there too! Halloween is the best time to go shopping.
      I have many ideas. I have found a simple pattern for making high/low skirts and I want to use some Halloween fabric. Plus make a faery garden, since all that stuff is coming out 😀


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