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I had a post up earlier. I have no idea where it went. I’m the kind of person to edit my posts after I’ve published them, so that’s what I did. I read the post after it was published and then went and edited it. I updated it and went to go view the damn thing and it was gone. I had Jace and his boyfriend get on the site on their end and yup. It’s gone. It’s not in my trash bin, so I’m not sure where it went. Gaaah. Start anew I suppose. (guess who’s editing her post before she publishes it) It’s all good now, I’m listening to Renee Phoenix’s voice. I’ll be fine *u*

*insert terrible joke about how I have not posted in a month*

So because I mentioned blogs to someone, I realized I hadn’t actually posted in a while and decided to actually finish the one I started at the beginning of the week out of my draft oubliette folder. Honestly, it needs to be renamed that, all posts I make go there to be forgotten.
(I made myself laugh with the oubliette joke I made at the end of that last post. If any of y’all get the joke, you are awesome and deserve many gothling tackle hugs).

Anyway, while I was having technical difficulties, my aunt visited. So I have something to show you guys. It’s actually pretty cute, even if it’s not a color I wear. I love the nature element and the skull c:
IMG_1446 IMG_1448
I didn’t think you guys could see the best part, so I got a photo close up. There is a fucking faery in the mass of skull! A faery guys! *o* 
Do you see her?!! My day is made.

So, onto what the original post was about.

I have made great progress with Scarred. Last time I had written the cutest scene between Danni and Tobias and now there has been a quite intimate scene between Dante and Danni. While he does not appreciate her presence, he still cares. Awh. Dante, you’re not such a bad guy. But that is in a more recent chapter, so there is a long way to go before that ever gets published here.

Speaking of which, I need to start scheduling these chapter posts. It’s been what, two months? I only 4 out of 21 chapters posted. And I’m still writing, so more will pile up. Plus, inspiration has hit hard because of a band recommendation from a friend. Every song I listen to from Breaking Benjamin has applied to Scarred ~ it’s flipping magical. So I stick on that when writing. 

I had said in the post that I hadn’t posted to Tumblr in a while, but I had recently threw up a drawing inspired by some dark times. Uhm yeah. It’s not as dark and gruesome as I would have liked to go, but it’s better this way. It would have spoiled my mood. Enough of that.

Music. Now I know I discussed this in the original post. xD So I have had an onslaught of new bands to blast louder than needed. I’ve been home alone after work lately, so I can do that without consequence. Earlier in the month it was Sublime. Which is basically the weed version of Blood on the Dance Floor xD Speaking of which, have you guys heard BOTDF’s new sound? While I appreciate it, I still love the dubstep-y, seizure-y, sex sound honestly. I am of the few that enjoy their old sound xD We are a rare breed. Hehe.

Right now, my obsession has laid within Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch. And reliving Avenged Sevenfold. Goodness, I listened to that way back in my baby bat days. I have some of their songs on an old music player. Ahh, good times. But all the band recommendations have been great. I get so bored easily, so having all the incoming sounds keeps me from getting bored with a single band and/or artist.

I have also given said friend my own recommendations. Totally spaced to actually find out they’re opinions, but I have my bets on two bands they might appreciate. Based upon the recommendations I was given. I made a mixed cd and I am actually so pleased with the line-up of songs that I made my own copy of it, exchanging some of the songs with the new ones I’ve been loving. I haven’t had a playlist this perfect since the Aurelio Voltaire mixed cd I made.
IMG_1444 IMG_1441
I wanted to test out if the colored cds I had would play, so I made mine color coded. Orange cd, case, and cover. If anyone’s curious, they do in fact play perfectly well.

About the mixed cd I made for the friend, I have a funny story to tell you guys xD 

So I make the cd and pop it into my cd player to make sure it plays alright and I fall asleep to Butcher Babies. I never heard any song after. How in Hades does anyone do that? I even put a little note inside the cover I made for them to be careful with listening to the song by that band (and another) so they wouldn’t blow their eardrums out. Only I could fall asleep to Butcher Babies…

So after I wake up, I restart the cd, because I have no idea if anything after Butcher Babies is playing okay, and go work on the cover xD At least the cd plays through alright.


I cannot remember what I prattled on about next. Shit. Uhm, what else? I really haven’t done much, what with working in the morning. I work, then come home and write/nap. So I guess that is all for now.  I cannot promise to post anytime soon, I know if I do it won’t happen. So whenever I post next, I shall see you guys there. Leave me any thoughts below. 
Also, for my fellow blog friends, have any of you guys had your posts disappear? Honestly, I probably hit something and fucked everything up, but I’m just curious. Let me know, and let me know if you were able to retrieve it.

Now that is all. So bye for now!


~Samm Sanity


5 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    No posts disappeared for me but a while ago what I edited would not save so scheduled posts with ‘pic’ written instead of pics and the parts where text was missing only reading ‘text’ would pop up on my blog. since then I often prewrite in text editor and check my scheduled things a million times -_- embarassing.
    The faerie in the skull is a cute idea though, so even if it is a color you usually would not wear I am sure you will work something out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      Well that sucks. I haven not been keen on any of WordPresses updates and I have a feeling it’s because of all these updates I probably lost it :p Gaah.
      I know! I haven’t been able to wear it much because it’s a knit fabric, but I occasionally wear it to bed since it’s cooler at night. I love it so much. :3


  2. keelythecynicalrejectblog says:

    BOTDF’s old sound club…….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. keelythecynicalrejectblog says:

    It should exist for us, a rare breed of love for BOTDF, even and especially their “old sound”

    Liked by 1 person

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