New Halloween Skirt!

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Guys!!! I feel like such a professional. I have almost completed this skirt and it looks so awesome. There is a lining and even all the raw hems have been hidden away (if the skirt is made for me, I don’t care about raw edges on the inside) but this time I made it so professionally!

One of the Walmart’s around here already have their Halloween and Autumn fabrics out and I am so pleased with the selection this year, there are many I want. But I only picked up two this time. A candy one and a leaf one. I’m making an Autumn faery skirt out of the leaf one I bought. Watch out for that one :3Β 
IMG_1504 IMG_1505IMG_1506

But for this adorable candy fabric, I just made a basic circle skirt. But not that basic, because I actually added a lining. I am so goddamn proud of myself. It was meant to be a tad longer than the skirt so that a little orange peeked out the bottom, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough for that. But either way, I did something new and didn’t fail!


Unfortunately, I don’t have any black fabric for the waistband (thought I still had some somewhere :c), so I’ll need to get some one day. Which will probably be Saturday because I work all week. Poo. :c I have to wait to wear this. Oh well. I’m just happy it has come out so well. πŸ˜€
The lining is only attached at the top and encased in the side edges. I left the bottom free so that it would be flowy and make the skirt fuller.Β 

I cannot wait to make so many amazing things out of all this fabric. How are your projects going? Anything spoopy for the season? Β Chat to you all again some day. c: Bye!


~Samm Sanity


15 thoughts on “New Halloween Skirt!

  1. This is amazing πŸ’•πŸ˜

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  2. Bixie says:

    Ooh, that skirt is so cute. I love circle skirts. I’m not working on any at the moment, but I made myself a Halloween one last year. I should really dig that out of my closet. I’d wear it more if I ever remembered I have it.

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  3. That fabric is adorable, love the skirt too!


  4. Schnauzevoll says:

    GOSH I want to be able to find such amazing fabrics as well ❀ And hoing you will show us pictures of the finished skirt soon as well!

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  5. Carlos says:

    You seem really creative!!


  6. robynsflight says:

    Love the fabric. I love making 50’s circle skirts, easy and fun to wear!

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