DIY: Back-to-School

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So I worked really hard on these supplies and I thought it would make a nice DIY post and inspiration for anyone going to school or generally anyone who uses notebooks and all that. Plus some cute ideas for packaging them if you’re giving them as gifts, like me.
Now, these supplies were for my little sister, so they’re definitely not Gothically inclined at all. But the same general concept can be used for whatever aesthetic you love. ;D


Binder/Notebook Collage ~

IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1560
Pictures/Sticker/Whatever you want to use for the collage
Base paper
Notebook/Binder with customizable cover (if not, modge podge the pictures directly to the binder/notebook cover)
Hole punch (if notebook has binder holes)

You’re obviously going to need pictures for the collage. You can also use stickers, ribbon, pressed flowers, scraps of paper, etc.. whatever you fancy. I used pictures I found online (sooooo many hours of scrolling through tumblr-esque pictures) and stickers. I put as many pictures as I could on each piece of paper before printing, so as not to waste paper and because it’s fifty cents per color print at my library x.x I didn’t end up using a lot of them, so I have plenty of pictures for my next creative endeavor for my little sister.
Can I just say that cutting all these out was more tedious than I expected? You could create the collage on the computer and print it out all ready to go, but I wanted to do it the hard creative way. So I cut all the pictures out. 
Next comes playing around with the position and pattern of pictures. After you have a look you like, glue them all down onto the base paper. I used a colored piece of copy paper for one and sunflower scrapbook paper for the other.
IMG_1559 IMG_1562

I set these under a big stack of sketchbooks and containers to flatten them while they were drying. The paper probably will wrinkle nad bend as you’re gluing these on, so it helps to put pressure on them while drying.

Then I hole punched the one for the notebook, since the notebook had holes for use in a binder.

(Fuck you FiveStar for that damn logo. Don’t make it customizable then put your fucking logo in the way!)
My notebook and binder had costomizable cover slips, so I just had to slip the collage inside. If yours don’t, just take modge podge and use that to attach the pictures to the cover. Then go over the entire cover and pictures with another layer of modge podge to seal in the pictures. c:
IMG_1563 IMG_1564
I also took a leftover from the scrapbook paper and taped it into the inside of the binder for an accent.

I had several notebooks/books that would not fit into the binder, so I stacked them up and made a cute bow around the stack. It’s a simple but cute packaging idea.
IMG_1571(I found these Black Lagoon books in my thrift store! I remember reading these in school :3 She’s not much of a reader, but I think she’ll enjoy these.)

I got her some school clothes. I picked up a laundry basket and used that to position everything all nicely and pretty in :3 I’ve also put some fun beauty products such as perfume and body butter in the basket as well; since she loves smelling nice. It’s just a fun way to give clothes and beauty products as gifts.
Untitled drawing IMG_1569
(My whole color scheme for everything was pink, white, and teal. Turned out pretty well, especially with the binder and notebooks)


Edit~ My sister (I think) loved everything c: We ended up using all the extra photos to collage the back of her binder and another one of her notebooks. Whee! I did well with picking photos because she was rummaging through the photos and had pretty damn well picked all of them in a pile for me to put on a collage for the back of her binder. They obviously all didn’t fit, so she took the rest and collaged her notebook cover. (I still have tons of photos left)
IMG_1573 IMG_1574


Those were some fun gift/diy ideas. I hope they inspire you guys! I totally want to do a collage binder for me sometime (shit, I have more than enough artwork on a pinterest board ><). Let me know if any of you guys have some cool back to school projects ~ whether for yourself or someone else. :3 I shall now be disappearing back into the depths of not posting for another month! xD Bye guys.


~Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “DIY: Back-to-School

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Notebooks make me jealous of anyone who has a job working with them XD I do have one for my blogging needs but that usually will stay b/w and with only a few bats in it 🙂
    I am sure your sister loved them because you put so much efford in the notebook and chosing the presents ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samm Sanity says:

      I know right? I keep buying them because they either have cute covers or customizable ones xD I have started filling my newest bought one out with short stories, so hopefully the rest will eventually fill with stories c:
      I think so too. It’s just so hard to tell ><


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