Achieving Faery-dom and Other Sports.

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I am so fucking excited and happy about my new hair color! I think I’ll be keeping this for a while :3

IMG_1619IMG_1625 IMG_1627 IMG_1622
(Little sister asleep in the backseat with a beanie boo I found in the thrift store)

I found two of those giant TY Beanie Boos in the thrift store today for a buck each! That is way more than a fucking steal. It’s like armed robbery! I believe these things retail for twenty dollars each. Woop!

I also found the beautiful draped top in the thrift store today and it went so well with my outfit. I’ve been getting lucky with finding these crochet-like tops that drape like a faery skirt. I finally have a pair of skinny jeans that fits me right as well, I’m so happy! I’ve been wearing the same skinny jeans for a long time and they’re too big now. :p So yay for new skinny jeans!
I got this cute Halloween tie and it makes such an awesome wasit belt! I can’t tie a tie and I don’t actually wear them, but I like how cute this one is. So I just started wrapping it around my waist xD
IMG_1631 IMG_1616

(There will undoubtedly be more pictures on Tumblr)

Also, while on the subject of clothes! I finished my Halloween skirt. It came out beautifully. I had to add darts in the waistband because it ended up a little too big for where it needed to sit, but that was great practice. I wore it nonstop that week I finished it. xD Then it got buried under the black hole of black clothes on my couch and I have just now gotten around to putting all those clothes away/wash them. So it shall be worn again! >:D
IMG_1632 IMG_1633
(Don’t have my usual photographer…. so I was directing my mom. Sorry for the weird faces)


I have also been writing and editing a lot lately. I wrote a short story and I really like the characters so I may have to do some more short stories with them. I will probably post the story here once I transfer it from my notebook to a word document. 

IMG_1617 IMG_1618
I also did a thing :3 Hehe. I collaged a little notebook to keep in my bag while I’m out so that I can jot down ideas and inspiration when it hits me. I love all these little pictures! xD Especially the vocabulary one ~ it describes me perfectly. For this one, since it is so small, I glued all the pictures directly to the notebook cover and “laminated” it by putting tape over the whole thing c:


This past week we visted an animal shelter and my little sister was ambushed by tons of kitties. She also made a new friend. Her new friend has a limp and is incredibly cuddly. We have many pictures of the little fluffball curled up in her arms and chest, he’s so cute :3
IMG_1584 IMG_1591

So aside from all that, I haven’t done anything. My last week of work was the week before last and I am just relaxing my ass off. Ahh. It’s been so goddamn hot and humid (when it’s not hot, it’s pouring down rain) that I haven’t been able to enjoy the outside. Since I get heat exhaustion so easy I can’t play outside, so I’m sitting in here getting no sun or physical activity. I can feel the fucking weight gain coming on. Though I have really only been eating poptarts and green tea these past few weeks. But still. I need to go outside and burn off all this stored up energy and fat…. gaaaah. *screaming into the abyss*

Anyway, what’s up in all your worlds? Any new adventures? I hope everyone is staying safe and cool!

Bye guys!!


~Samm Sanity


3 thoughts on “Achieving Faery-dom and Other Sports.

  1. Lulu says:

    I definitely love your style!!


  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    Daww, did you take the kitty home with you or only the beanie plushie thing? XD And also love your new hair!

    Liked by 1 person

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