Annual Costume Challenge Announcement

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Offically announcing the beginning of my (3rd?) annual costume challenge! 😀

This where you suggest costumes for me to create using only the items I already own. Whether I get many suggestions or not, I have some costumes already in mind to try to recreate (most being inspired by some random item that happens to remind me of something or someone.)

  • This will not include my own personal costume for the year; that costume will be posted separtely nearer Halloween/on Halloween.
  • This will not include items/clothing I happen to pick up/purchase during the months of September-October.
  • I will begin recreating costumes anytime in September and go through October or until I am out of requests/my own inspirations.
  • I will accept requests throughout the entirety of September-October.
  • Costume includes; clothes, make-up, and props if there is any needed/I have.

Costume requests so far (will update as requests are made):


Leave any and all costume requests down below on this post and I will recreate them! Also leave any questions below!


(Look at me being all professional and organized this year! ;))
~Samm Sanity


2 thoughts on “Annual Costume Challenge Announcement

  1. Schnauzevoll says:

    Ugh I am not creative enough today :-O but like before I am looking forwards to your results!


  2. […] and easy one. I shall return soon with the other request; feel free to add anymore below or on the official post.  I will try to get a few DIY’s I have done up as well. c: Stay tuned for that! Bye […]


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