Little Seasonal Haul

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Guess who’s going to have DIY’s out the wazoo? This bitch! I have way too many things and ideas now, hehe. :3

So, I have a job for the month that is full time. from 8-5 I am picking grapes for a winery. It’s a very easy, but tedious job. But I get fifty dollars a day for it and that’s awesome with so many holidays coming up back-to-back. Sister’s birthday, Halloween, my birthday, Christmas…. Little extra money never hurts. So I used what I had made just before we went to the mall to spoil myself at the mall and elsewhere while we were in this big town.

My main objective was getting lotion, because I am out and I’ve started using it religiously after showers. Since I had a coupon for Bath and Bodyworks, I used it.
img_1895Pumpkin Cupcake is my favorite Halloween scent from there, so I got the body wash and the lotion. I also got a lotion of the just plain pumpkin and my favorite faery scent Moonlight Path <~ it smells like walking through an enchanted forest at night. Mmm.

Aaaand, the rest is basically stuff for projects.

I told myself I could get one yard of any Halloween fabric from the fancy fabric store, but the Halloween fabric ended up being on sale, so I got a yard each of three different fabrics. 
img_1896I am definitely using the jar one for a skirt. I’m not sure about the others yet.

We went to Hobby Lobby and my favorite brand of charms ended up being on sale too. My sister pointed it out as I was lost in my own little world of charms. 
img_1893Heh. ^/////^ I have plans for all the book charms. The other ones I have a few things planned as well. Got my little sister an owl charm and I definitely have a plan for that (and some other charms I keep stock-piling for her)


My little sister is the best. She bought me a couple things too and I just love this shit out of her. ❤
img_1894 img_1897

One of my latest project obsessions is floral crowns and fascinators. I’ve been waiting for the dollar store to get their black roses in, and they apparently did in that town. (My sister had walked over to the dollar store while my mom and I went into Hobby Lobby. She then met us inside Hobby Lobby when she was done) She surprised me with so many black roses and purple ones. She even found some black branches! I love her so much.
She also bought us Best Friends necklaces from Claire’s. They are so pretty, and they are mood necklaces! I love it. c:

My mom found me a patterend fabric for an apron (for my usual job), which I will show in a DIY post. It’s so cool, I can’t wait to put it together.

I am going to have so many DIY posts. It’s exciting!

I will try to get posts up as I can around this new job and everything else. It’s only for this month though, so October should be better with posts. Mm, maybe I’ll just post everything in October. I don’t know yet, we shall see. I was meant to get a costume post and video up this week and that didn’t happen, sorry! I will aim for the weekend or next week. So look out for all of that! I hope you guys’ days are awesome. Let me know if you’ve got any projects for the season you’re working on. I’m so ready for Halloween already and all the DIYs! Haha.

I’ll tlak to you guys soon, bye!


~Samm Sanity


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