So I was just scrolling through Tumblr and I come across a tour dates list post for Blood on the Dance Floor and usually I keep scrolling past these things (becasue I’m generally broke/can’t get to the venue anyway) but something caught my eye. The picture of the tour dates had “final tour” on it. So, I began scrolling through and found many posts about “final tour” and “get the final BOTDF cd”.

So I continue my search through the Blood on the Dance Floor Facebook page to find out my favorite band is no more. I have utterly no clue what has happened as I have been absent from most of social media for the past month or so, all I’ve gathered is that Jayy has left and the band is broken up. This is so sad to find out. Blood on the Dance Floor is my favorite band and I just want to share a little bit.

I found Blood on the Dance Floor when I was around thirteen. I remember the first song I heard was “Ima Monster”. I have no idea what about that song made me want to listen to more, but I enjoyed the sound and wanted more. So I explored more and they slowly became my favorite band.

I remember only listening to their music though headphones because I knew my mom would probably shit bricks to hear the lyrics. It was a long while before I ever freely listened to the band without fear of anyone hearing it. I also remember “illegally downloading” songs from those song dowloading sites and putting them onto my music player. I still have all those songs on that old music player and I still listen to it religiously when I need portable music.

The first cd I ever bought was the Evolution cd. I was sixteen. I had gotten so excited in f.y.e and my mom had no idea what the fuck was going on when I was trying to incoherently explain to her why I was an overly happy mess. Then I was doubly excited when I opened the cd to find a poster inside. My first cd and poster all at once and I still have both. The poster hasn’t moved from my wall since I got it. c: 


My first online order was from the Blood on the Dance Floor online store. It was for the Epic/All The Rage cd pack. All The Rage is my favorite BOTDF cd and that hasn’t changed. Over the years I have bought more BOTDF cds/merch to help support my favorite band. I recently found a BOTDF band shirt in the thrift store and I was so overjoyed. 

As I have always said, I don’t have a favorite song from the band, I love so many of them. Some of my favorites are Loveotomy, P.L.U.R, Mercy, The Last Dance, Mosh and Roll, Siq With A Q, The whole Bad Blood album…

The band and their music means a lot to me and I’m going to miss them. While I could definitely aford to go to the last show in my state, I do not have the trasnportation ~ which is always my problem, heh. Now is when I wish I could drive, haha. c: 

It’s been a great few years of music from them and I only wish the best for both of them in their endeavors. It’s been a great ride and I wonder what will come now.

This was a hard post to write.I know some of you guys are also fans of Blood on the Dance Floor and I’d love to hear your own stories. What’s your favorite song? Do you remember when you first discovered them? Let me know below. c: 


SGTC Forever ~ ❤
Samm Sanity


8 thoughts on “Oh…

  1. Aw this is so sad! I’ve loved them for years as well. I think Bitches Get Stitches was the first song I heard by them. A friend shared it with me and I turned into a fan, not her. Lol Those were my emo/scene days. Evolution and Bad Blood are my favorite albums. They definitely had a good run. And Dahvie’s side project Sinners Are Winners is really fucking good! Hopefully they’ll join together again at some point in the future. 🙂

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  2. keelythecynicalrejectblog says:

    Omg! BOTDF is no more! What will I do?!?! I discovered BOTDF through my friend. She has always been a sick puppy, and one day she asked if I’ve ever listened to pornagraphic music or heard of it. I was 12 at the time, and intrigued. I asked if Anaconda by Nicki Minaj counted, and that was the fated day she taught me about the wonders of BOTDF. I will be 15 in a few weeks, so I guess for about three years I have been a devoted fan to BOTDF. I also cannot pick a favorite song by them. IDK, maybe Bewitched, Miss Bipolar, Yo ho, Sexting, Well Suck Me!, P.L.U.R, Ima Monster, or You are The Heart. So many choices! Naturally, since it’s the most known song, (Besides Sexting) the first song I heard from BOTDF was Candyland. It’s so sad that they are breaking up. I’ll miss daydreaming of going to a concert and meeting them. I have no merchandise from them, but I’m still a huge fan. I want to cry. Maybe they will get back together someday, or maybe Dahvie might find a new partner in crime. 😄

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    • Samm Sanity says:

      So glad to meet a fellow fan, dear! 😀 Hehe, I love how your friend described the band! Makes me giggle. Favorite songs are so hard to pick, and all of those are great songs. Gaah, I’m gonna miss ’em so much. I wish I could have gone to one of their concerts, it sucks. :p
      Whether they ever come back, I hope they take care in their other endeavors. c:

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  3. keelythecynicalrejectblog says:

    How old are you now?

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  4. keelythecynicalrejectblog says:

    You look young…

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