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Hey. It’s been a bit since I’ve written any kind of proper post. October was hectic and I’ve been busy and in a slump. But I’ve recently been coming out of my blocked and depressive state. I’ve been finishing short stories and abandoned sketches and creating new. I cannot sleep, so I thought I’d sit here and tell you guys about some things that have happened the past month and other things.


So, first was that I was in a creative slump and block. I had no ideas for all my current projects. All my stories got put aside and I struggled with doing the things I already had done/things I enjoyed. Even though I love this season, the loss of daylight kills me. I love being outside, but the cold temps and short daylight are shit. On the warmer days I got outside and raked leaves to jump into them. Still haven’t been in the woods lately, even though I think the whole clown thing is settling down. That’s just too much for my little anxious spaz self.

I also finally recieved my big, dream, Goth, boots. Fucking love them. I’ve been wearing them religiously and loving it. They’re super easy to walk in and I’m tall! As long as my little sister doesn’t put on her heels, I’m as tall as her, hehe 😀 I bought them from Drew Disaster and they are perfect. *o*


Speaking of little sister. Guess who got her first job? 😀 Whee! I’m so happy. She started on Halloween, so I went trick-or-treating alone, but I brought her plenty candy back. 


img_2228 img_2230
I love my costume this year. I was a Forest Fae. I made the bulk of it from a 2xl pair of pants from the thrift store and then random scraps of fabric I had around. And who knew I had boobs? I surely didn’t, but it looks like I have some in the picture. Woop! The power of illusion!

I also adore my make-up, especially the brows. I may need to just do this make-up regularly. I feel so pretty c:

Brows. I have been loving my brows this month. They look pretty cool :3
img_2219 img_2211 img_2021

Especially those bat brows. I wore those so much this past month. They’re super easy and gorgeous.


So, earlier in the school year, I finished three clases in one week. That meant I needed to pick a few more (I only have elective credits left to get). I decided to take German. It was the only thing that really piqued my interest. One of my favorite artists (Anna Blue) is German and I’d love to listen to her German versions of her songs instead of the English. I have two friends in Germany, and Germany is on the list of places to visit (after Japan and Ireland :3). It can’t hurt to learn a new language. 


This fucking U with two dots over it. Like the explanation they gave for prouncing it…  “Pronounced by rounding lips as if to whistle and without moving lips, say the ee in bee” It does not sound any different than if I were to not purse my lips and say the ee sound. Everything else is pretty easy picking up, but this goddamn U. It’s pissing me off.

Also, in the middle of me working through the class, someone decides to fucking update the program and I lose all progress I made. When I first saw that it showed I had no progress, I started panicking and it was just not a good morning. My mom was contacting people who weren’t very helpful and just insinuated that I hadn’t even started the class, even though I have a notebook filled with the goddamn notes. So I had to go back through and redo the classes to get my progress back, so that no teachers would yell at me for not having any progress. 

Fuck you whoever decided that in the middle of the year was a good time to update the fucking program. You probably fucked up everyone’s fucking progress. I was damn near an anxiety attack. Fuck you. And you know what, the new program fucking sucks. It doesn’t give all the translations and it’s very hard on my eyes and my grasping of the language. The old was perfectly fine the way it was. (needs to take a breather, she cannot properly construct a coherent sentence without the word fuck)


Anyone, let’s move onto something happier and less stressful.

I wanna buy this pattern and make a million of these. I don’t need a million, but I want a million anyway.

The girl modeling the hoods even looks like a pixie(I want her face)! I neeed this pattern. I wanna make a pixie hooded dress. :c Gaaah. These are so cute! (more incoherent babbling)


I also have two little exciting pieces of news. One I’m going to save for later. But I’ll let you guys in on the other one. c: 


I have started undergoing setting up an online store. I’ve been working hard on getting pictures and listing everything. Right now it’s just the jewelry (it will be utter hell listing all those bows). I have a few clothing pieces up too. All I need to do is take a trip to the post office to get some quotes on shipping prices so I can set up shipping prices. After that, I will be opening the store and you guys will be the first to know. c: I am really excited for this and cannot wait to get started on this new endeavor. I hope you guys will find something as well if you’re interested. I may even add some of my old clothes as well (a yard sale full of babybat clothes doesn’t sell well…)

Hopefully I can get that all set up soon.


So I think I’ve said everything I need to. Hopefully I will get back to regular posts and even posting some short stories soon. c: I’m slowly getting my creative spark back and some of my motivation. So maybe keep an eye out for all that. c: Now I need to get to bed. It’s nearly two a.m., haha.

Bye guys~


~Samm Sanity


Costume Challenge; Powerpuff Girls’ Bubbles



img_2065So, my little sister suggested this. *facepalm* I assume she was up late watching Powerpuff Girls and thought it was a brilliant idea. I don’t hate it, I just hate how the costume came out :p  Anyway, onto the post!





img_2085 img_2061 img_2056 img_2052

I had two choices for the dress; this prom dress or a Trans-Siberian Orchestra shirt dress that has blue artwork. I obviously decided to go with this prom dress.  For the black band I wore my corset belt backwards. The tights are white fishnets paired with my pale-ass legs xD Then just some doll shoes c: I don’t like how this came out, but it’s okay.

Thrift: Dress, tights, shoes.


So that’s is for my Bubbles costume. Let me know your thoughts down below. I shall be scheduling posts now so that I can try to get one up everyday this week. I shall post again soon! Bye guys c:

Mother’s Day Event

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Hello!  So the night went decently. It was kind of rough, but I had fun. I had a few repeat customers from last year and many new ones. There were also many cute/funny/memorable things from the night. So I’m just going to get into this (it may be a long post xD)

Unfortunately my phone won’t transfer my photos, so there may not be any photos to show you guys :c
Woop! Transfer of photos happening now! >:D


The event was on Friday, from 5-9 pm.
Firstly, I was not allowed to set u where I had last year because the library was going to be open. I had no problem with that. I totally understand. So I set up on one side of the entrance, out of the way, which is where the librarian had directed me to. As I was setting up, I noticed another booth going up. It was going up right at the entrance, where the librarian had wanted open so people could walk through the library since they were participating in the event this year. I knew what the booth was for and I should have expected it, but it had slipped my mind.

So earlier in the year, a good cop was shot and killed in the community. He was a great guy and I can understand the amount of support. And while I find it kind of strange/odd to make money off dead people, I’m not gonna stop ya’ll from doing what you want to do. 

So it was a booth for the dead cop. They were selling the typical things like wristbands, shirt, and the such. But anyway, I was a little irked. But the thing that really got under my skin was that the librarian had come out and saw them setting up and didn’t ask them to move. Their booth blocked the entrance, right where she wanted the library open.  So, they got to stay under the shaded, roof of the library while I burst into flames in the sun. I shit you not, my entire chest, shoulders, and lips are bright red and burned. I completely forgot sun block. >.<


It was slow for the first couple hours, but at around 7:30 it started picking up. I did pretty well. c: I made just a smidge less than last year, but I am super happy. 😀 I sold a lot of chokers and some bows and owl neckalces. One of my food-with-faces charms sold. Unfortunately none of the shirts/akirts sold, although several people liked them 😀 Woop! 

So, some of my favorite customers/people that night. There were many :3

One was a younger girl nd her mother who had come through earlier in the night. I had turned to talk to them and the little girl’s eyes go wide and she starts asking about how I did that! She was talking about my lack of eyebrows (a hot topic it seems that night xD). Her mom then tells her no, you are not doing that, no ~ as they were walking away. I was just giggling the whole time. That little girl will grow up and shave her brows off! xD

Another one was a teenage/older girl who had passed by once when I was unable to try and draw her over. SHe was wearing a Soul Eater shirt and in my mind I’m like ~ You! You need to come to this booth. Becasue I had like 3-4 chokers inspired by that anime. Unfortunately, I was busy with another person and was unable to attract her over. Although I gave glances her way. xD
A little while later, she comes back through when everything is dead. I tell her I love her shirt and she says the same about the necklace I was wearing (Soul Eater moon). She starts looking through everything and says it’s a really hard decision. She begins telling me about how it was like when her and her friends went to a convention and all the booths and indecision. I totally understand the pain of indecision. She walks back and forth for a few minutes studying everything and decides upon a little candy charm with a screaming face(as if it were about to be eaten). She was really adorable and it makes me happy to see when people love my creations and cannot decide. 

One of my most favorite people to come up to my booth was another teenage/older girl. She told me she loved my style and everything. She was asking me about if I had an online store and if I lived in town. She got so happy when she saw the altered band shirts. I’m not sure if she knew all of them or not, but she told me she really loved Asking Alexandria and that she wished she had brought more money. 
I genuinely thought of letting her have one of the band shirts, because it was the end of the night and all they’re going to do is sit in my closet until next year, or until I get the online store set up. But she left and we both wished one another to have a nice night.

Two different adult ladies were really cool to talk to and everything. One really enjoyed Steampunk and was asking me about whether I did other Steampunk things and I showed her the jacket I had altered and told her about other endeavors I had done involving Steampunk.

The other lady that coem up was really excited about all my Victorian bows. She said it was a tough decision for her. She also noticed the binder I had setting on the table and asked if I had drawn the faery on the cover and I told her yes. She said it was really good. I told her I had some of my artwork inside if she was interested in looking through it. She  had gotten into a conversation with someone and probably didn’t hear me. But she bought a few of the bows and I just enjoyed her personality.

One of the repeat costumers I had was a teenage girl with a backpack that had bought an owl necklace last year. This year she got one of the Soul Eater inspired chokers. The thing I remember about her is her overall energy and the backpack, but also that both times she split the bill with her mother. I don’t know why this is very cute in my mind, but just something about her energy and the way she speaks is very memorable.

There was this duo of elder ladies who were very intrigued by my make-up. I had done my very favorite graveyard make-up and they wanted to know how I did it. It was very cute :3

Not only were my lack of eyebrows a hot topic, so was everyone questioning if my make-up was tattooed on. It was adorable. I’m too easily bored with make-up and too creative to permently tattoo one look onto my eyes.

The last one I want to share, is also one of my most favorite people to have come up to my booth. It was a mother and her daughter. They both liked my stuff. The mother reads my poster board Made With Faery Kisses and says we (her and her daughter) love faeries. I tell her back that I absolutely love them too. She says that’s cool, you look like one. c: 

I am so flattered! \*O*/Best compliment you could ever give me. I was beaming. That is what I strive to look like everyday of my life. She totally made my night. ^u^


Those were some of the best memories of the night. I cannot wait for next year. :3 Hehe. I had fun and the people were great.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Hope you did wonderful things for your mothers and are good to them. Have a wonder day guys. Bye!


~Samm Sanity

Where Have I Been?

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Tumblr. Seriously, just go follow me, I’m crazy active there. I will spam you with Cyber girls (they’re so god damn beautiful).  I’ve also been doing a lot better at uploading videos in a decent time. So yes!


I have been super crafty lately and have been getting great deals on altering material at the thrift stores. I want to eventually get a DIY post and video made soon. A lot of old items of clothing in my closet are getting upgraded (including that Dresslink skirt that was loose in the waist).  I cannot wait to get post/video up. So be prepared for that! But a sneak peak…….


This won’t be in the video, but I made a choker inspired by my story, last night. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone, but Danni’s wings are a grey color. c: I found some grey lace in my drawer and cut it down to size. I then added a wing charm I had from a deconstructed necklace. It looks so cool. ^o^ Of course I will be the only one to know what this means, but that makes it even more special :3


I have also shaved the other side of my head, becasue I’m too impatient to wait until the other side grows all the way back out. Plus, I’m so bored with my hair parted on that side. But the half grown out side blends pretty well into my bangs, so it’s all good. I also re-dyed it. I’ve missed my shaved head. 

I have also…..


Yeah, finally shaved the rest of those fuzzy caterpillar monstrosities!  Woop. :3 I love the creative freedom I now have (and the loss of those uneven fuzzy bastards). Stars and dots make up a majority of my eyebrows, but I look cute without them as well. c: I also found the prettiest neon pink shadow in my eyeshadow box and am so obsessed with it at the moment. Been doing cyber looks (even though they don’t match what the fuck I’m wearing…. ever. But when does my make-up ever match?)

So yes.

Ah, music wise. I’ve been listening to Voltaire a lot lately. I also found the band The Secret Society of the Sonice Six. I recieved a shirt that had this written on it and I wasn’t going to just wear it and be ignorant, I wanted to know what I was wearing on my chest. So I looked it up and it’s a Goth band. But even better is that it’s an electronic one. *u* I love my electronic music. Gaah.


I just got two yards of black fabric at the thrift store for a dollar, along with three spools of black thread and one light pink for fifty cents (altogether). Woo! All I own is neon pink thread and that doesn’t always work for the Lolita/Fariy Kei chokers. I’ve been enjoying making those. I’ve also been working on my Steampunk jacket for sale. Still a lot to do. ><


Um, I don’t now what else. So I guess I’ll end this here. Let me know what you guys have been up to lately. Anything fun? I want to try to post more, but we all know I fail at this lately. So, until next time I suppose ~ bye!


~Samm Sanity

Hair Tag :3

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~Samm Sanity

Halloween Tag!

After I filmed this, I found out I had been tagged by one of the girls I tagged xD Haha, I shall link her video below.

I tagged:::

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Lita Faerie’s Video::


1. Favorite Halloween song?
2. Witch or Vampire?
3. Favorite thing about Halloween?
4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?
5. Skeletons or Zombies?
6. Favorite Halloween candy?
7. Favorite Halloween movie?
8. Favorite Halloween costume?
9. Favorite Halloween store?
10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?
11. Bats or Black Cats?
12. Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Enjoy guys! Proper post coming within the night. (Will probably be rant-y)

~Samm Sanity