Story of The Week -Nightshade and Wings

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I write and I thought ya’ll might enjoy reading some things I write. I’ll post my short stories, and excerpts from some of my stories. It will change weekly.

An excerpt from my story: Nightshade and Wings.

You can find the whole story here:

pink punk faerie

Nightshade and Wings

By: Samm Sanity


Bad Reputation” -Avril Lavigne
We Don’t Belong” -Black Veil Brides
Keep Holding On” -Avril Lavigne
Naked” -Avril Lavigne

Chapter 4. Wings

“What is your name then?” Ficus asks, standing up.

He took in the girl’s red clothing, torn tights, and chained belt. She didn’t look like any faerie, she looked as if she were a miniature human. She wore no flowers or leaves, she certainly didn’t have the nature or aura of a a faerie. He had yet to see any sign of wings.

“Belladonna.” She answers quite rudely.

“Nightshade. It is quite fitting for you.” Ficus responds, trying to match her attitude.

Her, teal, glare grew, and Ficus stepped back. He felt the irritation radiating off her, and didn’t dare to say anything else.

“What kind of faerie are you? I’ve never seen a male with wings.” She retorts back, her attitude dying as her curiosity grew.

Ficus was taken back by the question, he didn’t expect her to say anything. It was a long moment of silence before he answered. He didn’t have the answer, which he suspected might bring her attitude back.

“I don’t have the answer to that.” Ficus rubs the back of his neck.

As expected, Belladonna crosses her arms and turns around. That was not the answer she wanted.

Her wings were full of holes. Her pale pink wings were torn at the edges, giving them a sinister look. Holes dotted the insides of her wings, allowing Ficus to see her red corset through her wings. They twitched behind her, in irritation.

“Can you fly?” Ficus asks.

“Why didn’t you?” She retorts back, rudely.

Ficus sighs and climbs up the flower’s white petals, not wanting to deal with the girl’s attitude problem. She doesn’t turn around until Ficus was on top of one of the petals. He waves at her and turns to jump off the petal.

“Hey, Peter Pan! I just saved you from being impaled!” Belladonna shouts angrily.

“No worries, Punk’in. There isn’t a fruit below me this time. I am off for the humans’ world. It was… interesting to meet you.” Ficus responds.

Belladonna’s eyes light up at the mention of the humans’ world. He notices and smirks, knowing he has gotten her attention. He watches as Belladonna moves her gaze from him, to the flower’s bottom, to him once again. He knew the question she was trying to ask.

“I am going for a change of scenery.” He answers her unspoken question.

“Oh really?” She moves from the center of the flower, towards one of the petals.

He simply nods, “Really. That interests you?” Ficus played into her curiosity.

Belladonna slowly climbs the flower’s alabaster petal, then sitting on the petal top, swinging her legs off the edge. She seems to take in the question, deciding how to answer. After a length of uncomfortable silence, she answers.

“They’re so big and strange. They’ve always interested me, but I never had a fair enough reason to venture into their world.”

Ficus chuckles, “Good answer. Yes, those giants are strange in their ways. You remind me of one, you don’t wear traditional faerie apparel?” He remarks, picking at the red checkered headband in her hair. Belladonna swats at his hand and stands up.

“Don’t ever,” she growls, fixing her headband. “Why would I want to look like any other faerie?” She counters his question.

He lets out an amused sound, “Fair enough. Well, goodbye, Pun- er.. Belladonna.”

Ficus prepares to jump, only to be stopped by a, gloved, hand grabbing his wrist. He turns to find Belladonna watching him carefully, through her teal eyes.

“Would you mind company?” she asks bluntly.

“Heh, you have a weakness for the humans.” Ficus chuckles.

Belladonna’s eyes slit into a glare and she releases his wrist, “I am simply curious. I have no weaknesses.”

“I am sure you don’t.” Ficus states, subtly glancing to her torn up wings.

She catches his stare and huffs, “I can fly just as well as any other faerie!”

Ficus smirks, “If you say so.”

He pushes her off the petal.


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