Story: Labor Day Party





Labor Day Party

By: Samm Sanity


Dru buzzed eagerly as she set up chairs in the backyard. Her brother was around front, watching for anyone that may arrive early. Dru didn’t mind that her brother wasn’t helping set up for this party, but she still wished she had a little help; it was humid and setting up chairs was tedious work.

This Labor Day party was supposed to help them make a few friends before school started next week, but Dru knew it was mostly for her to make new friends. Her brother had no trouble adjusting with every new move and made friends quickly. Dru, on the other hand, did not.

Dru tugged at her black pleated skirt, waving it up and down gently. It was beginning to get hot wearing the skirt with her bat patterned tights. She sighed and continued to wave her skirt until she heard a throat clearing. She quickly glanced up and saw her brother standing there with two other boys.

Dru blushed furiously and quickly smoothed her skirt down, embarrassed at being caught in such an embarrassing position. She kept her head down, not wanting to look either of the guests in the face.

“….and this is my classy little sister, Druid.” Oleander, her older brother, introduced her. She heard a chuckle from both boys.

Nice first impression, Dru. Dru scolded herself in her head as she gave a small wave to both boys.

“Nice tights.” A gentle voice says. He wasn’t jeering, he sounded completely honest and straight-forward.

Dru looks up shyly, “Thanks.” she says, not sure who had said it.

The younger boy with dark red hair nods with a gentle smile. Dru smiles back, gently tugging at a red braid.

“Dru, they volunteered to help with setting up.” Oleander says with a mischievous smile. Dru always loved it when her brother smiled like that.

“I didn’t volunteer – I sacrificed my little brother.” The older boy with wild orange hair says with a chuckle.

Oleander and the orange haired boy walk off, laughing and chatting with each other as if they were old friends. It was no surprise to Dru that Oleander would be friends with a person like that. She simply smiled, happy that her brother had a friend already. That thought also made her a bit jealous.

“Hey.” The boy says.

“Hey.” Dru repeats.

“I’m Jarreth.” The boy introduces himself.

Dru nods, “I’m Dru. But I guess you already knew that.”

“So, what would you like me to do?” Jarreth asks with a shrug.

“Um, you can set up the tables I guess.” Dru says, glancing the the folded up tables where the food and music would be set up.

Jarreth nods and begins in that direction. As he passes Dru he chuckles and whispers to her, “Don’t worry. I’ve had my fair share of moments,” he pauses, “Bats are pretty cool.”

Dru glances sideways at him and smiles upon seeing his smile. She nods and he continues to where the tables lay. Dru returns to her chairs.

“There may not be any music!” Oleander calls.

Dru had finished with the chairs and was helping Jarreth cover the tables in tablecloths. She looked up from where she was spreading out a white cloth and frowns.

“What do you mean?” she calls back.

Oleander holds up their old cd player and shrugs, “It stopped working. I put in fresh batteries and everything!”

Dru tugs at her purple braid and thinks, “What kind of party doesn’t have music? What are we gonna do?” she asks.

Oleander waves his hand, “Let me think of something.”

Dru stares at the doorway for a moment after her brother had went back inside. She frowned, thinking of what to do.

As she was thinking, she felt something wet hit her head. She turned around to see if someone had hit her, but soon realized it was starting to rain. She gasped and tried to cover her head with her arms. It was down pouring fast, and it shattered any hope Dru had left of the party going on.

Jarreth came up behind her and held his jacket over both of them. Dru uttered a “thanks” to Jarreth and hurried inside with him.

Once inside, Oleander gave Dru and Jarreth towels to dry off with. Dru dried her tri-colored hair and set the towel down. She frowned and sat on the towel. Now the party was ruined. She sighed.

“It’s coming down hard.” Jarreth stated absently looking out the sliding glass doors.

“At least we don’t have to worry about the music.” the orange haired boy put in with a grin.

Oleander elbowed the boy’s ribs, gently nodding his head at his little sister. He knew Dru was excited for this and seeing her so bummed out began to bum him out. He sat down next to his drenched sister and played with a strand of her black hair.

“Hey. Maybe we could reschedule.” He sates, gently.

Dru sighed and leaned against Oleander, “I suppose so.”

“Hey, can this stuff be moved around?” the orange haired boy stated, gesturing to the living room.

Oleander glanced up, smiling, “Hey! That’s a great idea.”

Dru looks up at her brother questioningly. Oleander smiles and hugs her.

“Let’s get this stuff moved.” Oleander states, gesturing for the orange haired boy to help. He sighs reluctantly and pouts.

“Aww, but it’s so much work.” he pouts.

Oleander chuckles, “Fahren! Get your lazy carcass in here and help me!”

As the boy, Dru now knew as Fahren, begrudgingly makes his way toward her brother, Dru and Jarreth soon get the idea and begin moving around the smaller furniture items.

“Ten more minutes. What are we going to do about music?” Dru asks, setting various bowls full of food on the tableclothed tables.

They had finished moving the furniture around and were finishing setting up the food and drinks. Oleander and Fahren were goofing off in the far corner, but stopped upon hearing Dru’s question.

“I really don’t know. Maybe it will still be okay without music?” Oleander shrugs helplessly. He didn’t like the idea of no music either.

“People are arriving.” Fahren announces, spying out the window.

Jarreth smiles, “I’ll be right back. I think I can help.” he says.

Dru glances to Oleander and shrugs. She didn’t know what he was planning, but if he could help, she wasn’t going to stop him.

Jarreth dashes out the door as other kids start arriving. Two girls that looked identical walked through the door, smiling and wet. Fahren laughed and crushed the blue haired one in a hug and gave her a quick kiss. Dru crinkled her nose at the sight and went to stand by her brother to greet the guests.

“Where is he? I think they’re getting impatient.” Dru states, worried her party was going to be a bust.

“Maybe he’s just slowed down by the rain?” Oleander tried to offer, even though he didn’t even buy that excuse.

“Yeah, but-”

The door finally opened one last time and Jarreth entered with a box. He was wet and Dru saw her brother cringe slightly as Jarreth made wet footprints across the floor to the tables. Dru patted his arm gently to reassure him that floors could be washed and she’d be the one doing it.

Minutes later, music began to pour out from the table and everyone began to sway or dance around. Jarreth walked back over to Dru and offered a hand out to her.

“Wanna dance?” he asks.

Dru smiles and grabs his wet hand. She was glad the party had went on and glad to be just having fun and dancing. Jarreth had introduced her to some kids that would be in the same grade as them this year (eighth for both of them) and had saved her party. She was happy to consider him a friend and she knew this year would be a grand one.



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