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Hey. It’s been a bit since I’ve written any kind of proper post. October was hectic and I’ve been busy and in a slump. But I’ve recently been coming out of my blocked and depressive state. I’ve been finishing short stories and abandoned sketches and creating new. I cannot sleep, so I thought I’d sit here and tell you guys about some things that have happened the past month and other things.


So, first was that I was in a creative slump and block. I had no ideas for all my current projects. All my stories got put aside and I struggled with doing the things I already had done/things I enjoyed. Even though I love this season, the loss of daylight kills me. I love being outside, but the cold temps and short daylight are shit. On the warmer days I got outside and raked leaves to jump into them. Still haven’t been in the woods lately, even though I think the whole clown thing is settling down. That’s just too much for my little anxious spaz self.

I also finally recieved my big, dream, Goth, boots. Fucking love them. I’ve been wearing them religiously and loving it. They’re super easy to walk in and I’m tall! As long as my little sister doesn’t put on her heels, I’m as tall as her, hehe 😀 I bought them from Drew Disaster and they are perfect. *o*


Speaking of little sister. Guess who got her first job? 😀 Whee! I’m so happy. She started on Halloween, so I went trick-or-treating alone, but I brought her plenty candy back. 


img_2228 img_2230
I love my costume this year. I was a Forest Fae. I made the bulk of it from a 2xl pair of pants from the thrift store and then random scraps of fabric I had around. And who knew I had boobs? I surely didn’t, but it looks like I have some in the picture. Woop! The power of illusion!

I also adore my make-up, especially the brows. I may need to just do this make-up regularly. I feel so pretty c:

Brows. I have been loving my brows this month. They look pretty cool :3
img_2219 img_2211 img_2021

Especially those bat brows. I wore those so much this past month. They’re super easy and gorgeous.


So, earlier in the school year, I finished three clases in one week. That meant I needed to pick a few more (I only have elective credits left to get). I decided to take German. It was the only thing that really piqued my interest. One of my favorite artists (Anna Blue) is German and I’d love to listen to her German versions of her songs instead of the English. I have two friends in Germany, and Germany is on the list of places to visit (after Japan and Ireland :3). It can’t hurt to learn a new language. 


This fucking U with two dots over it. Like the explanation they gave for prouncing it…  “Pronounced by rounding lips as if to whistle and without moving lips, say the ee in bee” It does not sound any different than if I were to not purse my lips and say the ee sound. Everything else is pretty easy picking up, but this goddamn U. It’s pissing me off.

Also, in the middle of me working through the class, someone decides to fucking update the program and I lose all progress I made. When I first saw that it showed I had no progress, I started panicking and it was just not a good morning. My mom was contacting people who weren’t very helpful and just insinuated that I hadn’t even started the class, even though I have a notebook filled with the goddamn notes. So I had to go back through and redo the classes to get my progress back, so that no teachers would yell at me for not having any progress. 

Fuck you whoever decided that in the middle of the year was a good time to update the fucking program. You probably fucked up everyone’s fucking progress. I was damn near an anxiety attack. Fuck you. And you know what, the new program fucking sucks. It doesn’t give all the translations and it’s very hard on my eyes and my grasping of the language. The old was perfectly fine the way it was. (needs to take a breather, she cannot properly construct a coherent sentence without the word fuck)


Anyone, let’s move onto something happier and less stressful.

I wanna buy this pattern and make a million of these. I don’t need a million, but I want a million anyway.

The girl modeling the hoods even looks like a pixie(I want her face)! I neeed this pattern. I wanna make a pixie hooded dress. :c Gaaah. These are so cute! (more incoherent babbling)


I also have two little exciting pieces of news. One I’m going to save for later. But I’ll let you guys in on the other one. c: 


I have started undergoing setting up an online store. I’ve been working hard on getting pictures and listing everything. Right now it’s just the jewelry (it will be utter hell listing all those bows). I have a few clothing pieces up too. All I need to do is take a trip to the post office to get some quotes on shipping prices so I can set up shipping prices. After that, I will be opening the store and you guys will be the first to know. c: I am really excited for this and cannot wait to get started on this new endeavor. I hope you guys will find something as well if you’re interested. I may even add some of my old clothes as well (a yard sale full of babybat clothes doesn’t sell well…)

Hopefully I can get that all set up soon.


So I think I’ve said everything I need to. Hopefully I will get back to regular posts and even posting some short stories soon. c: I’m slowly getting my creative spark back and some of my motivation. So maybe keep an eye out for all that. c: Now I need to get to bed. It’s nearly two a.m., haha.

Bye guys~


~Samm Sanity


Mini Thoughts

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It may be well into November before I get any sort of broken doll post up. I just have not had the energy or effort to put into posts. I still get on here and read all you guys posts, I’m just too goddamn lazy to do my own.

So this is just a bunch of little things that I can’t really make whole posts about. One of my ambling kind of posts.

So, I’ve been very inspired by TheGothicAlice and Ofherbsandalters (youtube). They are both such lovely girls. I’ve been painting my own patches lately and fucking around with my one pair of ripped up skinny jeans. It started out with my cutting a hole too big and patching it up with a piece of fabric that I painted a bone onto. I have already done a Mannequin Factory patch (Porcelain Black song) and a Jack Off Jill patch. Going to work on a Bauhaus, Blood on the Dance Floor, SGTC, and a Black Veil Brides logo patch soon. Most of them are going to be on the back of the pants because the front is pretty cut up and I don’t want them to far down the pants becasue the next thing I have to say. 
I have decided with my tax returns next year, I shall be investing in a good pair of combat boots. I’ve been researching quite a bit and have been going through tons of videos and shopping sites and have a couple of Demonias in mind. I know exactly how i want them to look nad I found a couple that are damn near close to what my little fourteen year old self wanted (and drew often on characters). The few I am deciding between are:: Demonia 108, Demonia Trashville 518, and Demonia Swing 815. One of those is what I want almost exactly (I’ve resolved that I may never find a pair that actually reaches up to my knee caps xD) On the back burner, just in case I cannot find any of those or something, I have:: Demonia Swing 220 and Demonia Trashville 502. Any information of any kind; such as how well the boots hold up (I’ve found many differing opinions) or if any of you guys have any preferances or suggestions, it would be very welcomed. c:
I haven’t seen a post lately from Sissy. I hope she is well.

I have been on a choker making spree. I have made several new ones (some are for the selling boxes) and I have been obsessed with the one I made. I have also been obsessed with this one ribbed ribbon I found. I luckily got some from the Halloween section for 50% off. Very happy. I am enjoying working with it; it’s very Gothic-y looking to me nad completes the chokers perfectly. *u* I may need to make a post to show them.

I’m quite excited for Christmas. I have many ideas and present ideas already in mind. I do enjoy giving presents to people so much. ~Especially the little sister~ My Christmas tree is also all done and looking super spiffy c: All the ornaments fit on it except for one eyeball. I still need a topper ~ maybe one day I’ll find the perfect one! 

My pixie skirt is pretty much done. I just need to finish making the detachable belt thing (you can find my inspiration on my pinterest board here). It’s a slow process. I’ve worn the skirt out once with my pixie/faeie looking tights and I love it. For now I’m holding it together with safety pins until I can get some more black fabric for a channel for some elastic.

Today I did Tiffany’s make-up with my little eyeliner bats, for work. I like how it looks. Nope, I don’t have pictures, too tired and lazy.

Umm, what else?  I don’t really know. I really need to clean my desk and DIY area. Everything is just spread across my desk and coffin table xD I don’t really have anywhere to put anything because my file cabinet is full and I still need to invest in a drawer cabinet to sit ont top of my coffin table for the rest of my DIY stuff.  It’s jsut a mess. I have a very small parameter to work in and I have to move my computer off the desk to use the maximum of the space I have xD *sigh*

Anyway, what have you guys been up to? I’ve been lazy and post-Halloween depressed xD Haha. Anyone else? Hell, it’s Halloween year-round in my bedroom.

Bye guys. I can’t promise to post soon anymore ~ I suck so bad a keeping those promises ;n; So see you whenever I nexxt post. :3

~Samm Sanity

Happy Post

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Someone told me to look this up while I was in the middle of writing this….


YUSS! Jeffree is finally restocking his black lipstick! >O< I’ve been waiting forever! I really hope I can snag one!


So, I had a reeeeallly bad day at work and I just want to make myself happy… so this is just a post full of shit making me happy right now. 


My little sister got brown liquid eyeliner by mistake, and I ended up with it. I hate brown eyeliner, I don’t even know who would use that shit. But I did think of some awesome ideas for fae make-up. I did some branches with flowers today. I wanted to do cherry blossoms, but I’m impatient and my pink eyeliners aren’t liquid so it was harder to  do. I almost forgot to put mascara on. xD I put it on after I took these.

IMG_3236 IMG_3238IMG_3239IMG_3240 IMG_3241

I like the eye on the green hair side the best.


I started drawing what I wore to work one day because a little girl came up and told me she liked my outfit (middle one). But then I decided to draw all my outfits since that one (sooo two more xD). The one that’s totally void of detail is the day I wore my Three Days Grace tee and houndstooth skinny jeans…. I’m trying to figure out how to draw that shit ><  


I have also been loving these shoes my mom bought me. :3 They’re like high-top Creepers -ish. I love them soo much. I’m not a total fan of all the gems, but they’ve grown on me and once they fall off I’m going to fill that place with black and white stripes (beetlejuice!).



Next is a choker I made at the beginning of this week. I had gotten a pack of buttons from Pat Catan’s (my local craft store) and I decided to make a matching choker and bow from two of the buttons. I was trying to make the chains look like a rib cage, but it kind of failed.



Last thing is a beautiful tin my mom found me in Goodwill. It’s so gorgeous and I want all the boots on it ;-; I have been using to keep all my Victorian-ish jewelry in.

IMG_3246 IMG_3247


There are more things, but I was going to do a monthly haul on my channel. Sooo, no more! xD 

What has been making you guys happy lately? Let me know below, I could really use it. c:

Bye guys! 😀


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity