Instagram Girl and Goth Girl Costume

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img_2021 img_2183
Our usual selves

Initionally this started as me doing a costume for a Instagram/basic white girl costume. But then my little sister decided to do me for a costume. Sooo… here we are. ;p 

Instagram Girl Costume:
img_2144 img_2145 img_2149 img_2150 img_2164 img_2165 img_2166 img_2169 img_2171 img_2175 img_2180img_2195

For this I wore my holey tights backwards with a black tank top. My little sister loaned me a cardigan and infinity scarf from her own closet (and her phone for the selfie prop). I also flipped the tops down of my winter boots. My little sister did my bun for me and I miraculously did my own make-up and eyebrows! Woop! They came out much better than I expected. :3


Goth Girl Costume:
img_2205 img_2186 img_2202 img_2197 img_2198 img_2190

For this costume my little sister wore black skinny jeans, tank top, boots, and fancy jacket. I loaned her a couple bat necklaces. She did her own make-up and it’s super awesome too! She looks like such an elegant Goth :3


We had fun :3 Hehe. I had a lot of fun mimicking all those “artsy” selfies. My little sister makes such a cute Goth /)^.^(\  Let us know your thoughts down below! I shall post again soon! Bye 😀


~Samm Sanity


Annual Costume Challenge Announcement

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Offically announcing the beginning of my (3rd?) annual costume challenge! 😀

This where you suggest costumes for me to create using only the items I already own. Whether I get many suggestions or not, I have some costumes already in mind to try to recreate (most being inspired by some random item that happens to remind me of something or someone.)

  • This will not include my own personal costume for the year; that costume will be posted separtely nearer Halloween/on Halloween.
  • This will not include items/clothing I happen to pick up/purchase during the months of September-October.
  • I will begin recreating costumes anytime in September and go through October or until I am out of requests/my own inspirations.
  • I will accept requests throughout the entirety of September-October.
  • Costume includes; clothes, make-up, and props if there is any needed/I have.

Costume requests so far (will update as requests are made):


Leave any and all costume requests down below on this post and I will recreate them! Also leave any questions below!


(Look at me being all professional and organized this year! ;))
~Samm Sanity

Halloween Costume(s)

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I’m the kind of person to plan out next year’s Halloween costume the day after that year’s Halloween. Last year I was dead set on doing an asylum escapee doll costume. Unfortunately, thrift stores had not been nice and I hadn’t found the perfect dress for it. I settled for a Steampunk Neko instead.  Note to self…. find new Steampunk boots….

IMG_1860 IMG_1861 IMG_1900

This year, I am going to be an asylum escapee doll! >:D As I mentioned in another post, I had found the perfect dress for it. I had posted a picture of it to my Tumblr that day as well. I am soo excited for Halloween this year! I am ready for this! 

I am also doing a Tiffany doll (Bride of Chuckie) and Frankie Stein costume and make-up for here. And, as I did last year, I will take any costume ideas and use whatever in my closet to do it. A costume challenge. 

I know it’s early, but I always plan out my costumes way ahead. Hehe.  It’s gonna be hard trick-or-treating in the costume >< The dress just about touches the ground. It’s longer than all of my skirts. Maybe if I wear my boots, it won’t be so close to the ground. I really want to wear my doll shoes, but I’ll have to see about that. Flats or platforms…. *sigh* 


Yeah, it is about midnight here. What’s your point? This isn’t some post brought on by lack of sleep…. Shut up…. >.>


Seriously though, anyone else already getting their costumes in line? Or am I the only bat-shit crazy one? 

Don’t answer that last question.

Haha, bye guys.


SGTC Forever,

Samm Sanity