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Hey. It’s been a bit since I’ve written any kind of proper post. October was hectic and I’ve been busy and in a slump. But I’ve recently been coming out of my blocked and depressive state. I’ve been finishing short stories and abandoned sketches and creating new. I cannot sleep, so I thought I’d sit here and tell you guys about some things that have happened the past month and other things.


So, first was that I was in a creative slump and block. I had no ideas for all my current projects. All my stories got put aside and I struggled with doing the things I already had done/things I enjoyed. Even though I love this season, the loss of daylight kills me. I love being outside, but the cold temps and short daylight are shit. On the warmer days I got outside and raked leaves to jump into them. Still haven’t been in the woods lately, even though I think the whole clown thing is settling down. That’s just too much for my little anxious spaz self.

I also finally recieved my big, dream, Goth, boots. Fucking love them. I’ve been wearing them religiously and loving it. They’re super easy to walk in and I’m tall! As long as my little sister doesn’t put on her heels, I’m as tall as her, hehe ūüėÄ I bought them from Drew Disaster and they are perfect. *o*


Speaking of little sister. Guess who got her first job? ūüėÄ Whee! I’m so happy. She started on Halloween, so I went trick-or-treating alone, but I brought her plenty candy back.¬†


img_2228 img_2230
I¬†love my costume this year. I was a Forest Fae. I made the bulk of it from a 2xl pair of pants from the thrift store and then random scraps of fabric I had around. And who knew I had boobs? I surely didn’t, but it looks like I have some in the picture. Woop! The power of illusion!

I also adore my make-up, especially the brows. I may need to just do this make-up regularly. I feel so pretty c:

Brows. I have been loving my brows this month. They look pretty cool :3
img_2219 img_2211 img_2021

Especially those bat brows. I wore those so much this past month. They’re super easy and gorgeous.


So, earlier in the school year, I finished three clases in one week. That meant I needed to pick a few more (I only have elective credits left to get). I decided to take German. It was the only thing that really piqued my interest. One of my favorite artists (Anna Blue) is German and I’d love to listen to her German versions of her songs instead of the English. I have two friends in Germany, and Germany is on the list of places to visit (after Japan and Ireland :3). It can’t hurt to learn a new language.¬†


This fucking U with two dots over it. Like the explanation they gave for prouncing it… ¬†“Pronounced by rounding lips as if to whistle and without moving lips, say the ee in bee” It does not sound any different than if I were to not purse my lips and say the ee sound. Everything else is pretty easy picking up, but this goddamn U. It’s pissing me off.

Also, in the middle of me working through the class, someone decides to fucking update the program and I lose all progress I made. When I first saw that it showed I had no progress, I started panicking and it was just not a good morning. My mom was contacting people who weren’t very helpful and just insinuated that I hadn’t even started the class, even though I have a notebook filled with the goddamn notes. So I had to go back through and redo the classes to get my progress back, so that no teachers would yell at me for not having any progress.¬†

Fuck you whoever decided that in the middle of the year was a good time to update the fucking program. You probably fucked up everyone’s fucking progress. I was damn near an anxiety attack. Fuck you. And you know what, the new program fucking sucks. It doesn’t give all the translations and it’s very hard on my eyes and my grasping of the language. The old was perfectly fine the way it was. (needs to take a breather, she cannot properly construct a coherent sentence without the word fuck)


Anyone, let’s move onto something happier and less stressful.

I wanna buy this pattern and make a million of these. I don’t need a million, but I want a million anyway.

The girl modeling the hoods even looks like a pixie(I want her face)! I neeed this pattern. I wanna make a pixie hooded dress. :c Gaaah. These are so cute! (more incoherent babbling)


I also have two little exciting pieces of news. One I’m going to save for later. But I’ll let you guys in on the other one. c:¬†


I have started undergoing setting up an online store. I’ve been working hard on getting pictures and listing everything. Right now it’s just the jewelry (it will be utter hell listing all those bows). I have a few clothing pieces up too. All I need to do is take a trip to the post office to get some quotes on shipping prices so I can set up shipping prices. After that, I will be opening the store and you guys will be the first to know. c: I am really excited for this and cannot wait to get started on this new endeavor. I hope you guys will find something as well if you’re interested. I may even add some of my old clothes as well (a yard sale full of babybat clothes doesn’t sell well…)

Hopefully I can get that all set up soon.


So I think I’ve said everything I need to. Hopefully I will get back to regular posts and even posting some short stories soon. c: I’m slowly getting my creative spark back and some of my motivation. So maybe keep an eye out for all that. c: Now I need to get to bed. It’s nearly two a.m., haha.

Bye guys~


~Samm Sanity


DIY: Back-to-School

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So I worked really hard on these supplies and I thought it would make a nice DIY post and inspiration for anyone going to school or generally anyone who uses notebooks and all that. Plus some cute ideas for packaging them if you’re giving them as gifts, like me.
Now, these supplies were for my little sister, so they’re definitely not Gothically inclined at all. But the same general concept can be used for whatever aesthetic you love. ;D


Binder/Notebook Collage ~

IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1560
Pictures/Sticker/Whatever you want to use for the collage
Base paper
Notebook/Binder with customizable cover (if not, modge podge the pictures directly to the binder/notebook cover)
Hole punch (if notebook has binder holes)

You’re obviously going to need pictures for the collage. You can also use stickers, ribbon, pressed flowers, scraps of paper, etc.. whatever you fancy. I used pictures I found online (sooooo many hours of scrolling through tumblr-esque pictures) and stickers. I put as many pictures as I could on each piece of paper before printing, so as not to waste paper and because it’s fifty cents per color print at my library x.x I didn’t end up using a lot of them, so I have plenty of pictures for my next creative endeavor for my little sister.
Can I just say that cutting all these out was more tedious than I expected? You could create the collage on the computer and print it out all ready to go, but I wanted to do it the hard creative way. So I cut all the pictures out. 
Next comes playing around with the position and pattern of pictures. After you have a look you like, glue them all down onto the base paper. I used a colored piece of copy paper for one and sunflower scrapbook paper for the other.
IMG_1559 IMG_1562

I set these under a big stack of sketchbooks and containers to flatten them while they were drying. The paper probably will wrinkle nad bend as you’re gluing these on, so it helps to put pressure on them while drying.

Then I hole punched the one for the notebook, since the notebook had holes for use in a binder.

(Fuck you FiveStar for that damn logo. Don’t make it customizable then put your fucking logo in the way!)
My notebook and binder had costomizable cover slips, so I just had to slip the collage inside. If yours don’t, just take modge podge and use that to attach the pictures to the cover. Then go over the entire cover and pictures with another layer of modge podge to seal in the pictures. c:
IMG_1563 IMG_1564
I also took a leftover from the scrapbook paper and taped it into the inside of the binder for an accent.

I had several notebooks/books that would not fit into the binder, so I stacked them up and made a cute bow around the stack. It’s a simple but cute packaging idea.
IMG_1571(I found these Black Lagoon books in my thrift store! I remember reading these in school :3 She’s not much of a reader, but I think she’ll enjoy these.)

I got her some school clothes. I picked up a laundry basket and used that to position everything all nicely and pretty in :3 I’ve also put some fun beauty products such as perfume and body butter in the basket as well; since she loves smelling nice. It’s just a fun way to give clothes and beauty products as gifts.
Untitled drawing IMG_1569
(My whole color scheme for everything was pink, white, and teal. Turned out pretty well, especially with the binder and notebooks)


Edit~ My sister (I think) loved everything c: We ended up using all the extra photos to collage the back of her binder and another one of her notebooks. Whee! I did well with picking photos because she was rummaging through the photos and had pretty damn well picked all of them in a pile for me to put on a collage for the back of her binder. They obviously all didn’t fit, so she took the rest and collaged her notebook cover. (I still have tons of photos left)
IMG_1573 IMG_1574


Those were some fun gift/diy ideas. I hope they inspire you guys! I totally want to do a collage binder for me sometime (shit, I have more than enough artwork on a pinterest board ><). Let me know if any of you guys have some cool back to school projects ~ whether for yourself or someone else. :3 I shall now be disappearing back into the depths of not posting for another month! xD Bye guys.


~Samm Sanity

Just A Random Post

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My little sister was very camera-happy today, so I just kept jumping into her photos. Hehe. :3 She loves filters, so all of these have some kind of filter or another.


My possession photos xD That first one is both of our favorites. Hehe. (I was leaning back in the front seat to get into her photo ~ she was in the back seat)


IMG_0062 IMG_0063

In the thrift store. I have a thing with my tongue it seems.


Being all weird and shit.



My personal favorite of all.

We went to the thrift store today in search of some things to cut up for a project I was working on (all finished!). I found the perfect thing to cut up along with a couple other things.

IMG_0067 IMG_0066

I found a velvet bed skirt that I’m going to cut up and use for skirts and things. Also a huge thing of fuzzy black fabric for fifty cents! Hehe, cyber leg warmers here I come! There will be many DIY posts I assure you (one for sure is coming soon ~ it’s pretty cool :3)

I also found¬†my sister an ultra girly necklace (still in it’s Forever 21 packaging) and an unopened pack of hooks and eyes <~ really needed those. I was taking apart old bras for some of those xD

I was a faerie today! (Same as every day) I really love how my make-up came out today. It was meant to match the colors of the shirt I was wearing and ended up all fae-ish and things. ^u^ It’s grey and black, but for some reason it’s coming off as brown in the picture.

IMG_0060 IMG_0059

Whee, a wild little sister spotted in her natural environment ~ on the phone.


I’ve been having fun doing my little eyebrow chunk. It’s mostly been little faerie dots, but I came up with a dragon inspired look and I tried doing scales for my brows (failed and ended up doing my fae dots, but hey I tried). It’s been a week since I’ve had half of that wonky eyebrow shaved and my mom just now noticed.¬†

I haven’t even been trying to hide it. I’ve had my hair up most of the week because it was all greasy and shit. How in Hades…..?


Anyway, I finished my binge of Soul Eater. I really liked it. :3 Too many favorite characters. But the one that has been my favorite throughout the entire thing was Soul. He’s pretty cool (no pun intended). Others are Kid, Justin, Eruka, Maka, and Crona. Gaah, they’re all such cool characters. The animation is usally not my favorite, but it really grew on me as I was watching and enjoying the show. It feels weird seeing the animation style I like now xD (Tokyo Ghoul). My mom kept coming into my bedroom to ask what in hell I was laughing about.¬†
Me: They’re gonna move the OCD kid’s pictures over two inches if he loses the basketball game.
Mom: Well that’s mean.

Hehe, I loved it. Plus, T.M.Revolution’s song “Resonance” is one of the opening themes. Hell yeah! I love T.M.Revolution. My first foreign musical love. ^u^


I’m onto Tokyo Ghoul now ~Becasue no actual flesh and blood friends~ ¬†Next will be Corpse Party. Then I am out of ones I want to see. Any reccomendations are appreciated! I will list all the ones I’ve seen.
*gives Sissy a little nudge* Help me ;-; 

Vampire Knight
Fairy Tail
Fullmetal Alchemist
Negima (I want to watch this again at some point ~ it was really cute)
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Black Butler
Deltora Quest
Junjou Romantica (=u= hehe)
Death Note
Lucky Star
Soul Eater (obviously xD)
Boku No Pico (No shame! =u= hehe)
To Love-Ru

I feel like I’m missing some. Hmm, oh well, I shall just add to this as they come to mind.
Um, I think that’s all for today. ^u^ ¬†Aside from my sister calling me “boy stupid”. I’m not boy stupid, I’m just regular stupid. ><


Anyway, how were you guys’ days? Anything fun? Or productive? I shall be back later (hopefully with a DIY post. I’m super excited for it)



~Samm Sanity